Honeywell SF61B Barcode Scanner

  • varied: 1D imager, 2D imager with either LED or laser aimer
  • sturdy: IP65
  • compatible: with Android, iOS or Windows mobile devices

A powerful barcode scanner with a distinctive design – that’s the Honeywell SF61B. It combines advanced scanning technology with smart functionality for convenient and reliable day-to-day use. Fast data capture and an outstandingly robust housing make the compact Honeywell SF61B barcode scanner the perfect choice for field workers.

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HONEYWELL SF61B: Speed it up

The Honeywell SF61B barcode scanner was especially created to meet the needs of outdoor workers. This tough little gadget can withstand several drops from a height of up to 2 m to concrete, it works at a temperature range of – 20 °C to 50 °C and complies with protection class IP65 (sealed against dust and low-pressure water jets).

Due to its small size, it is ideally suited for one-hand use. The optional magnetic quick-release mechanism lets the worker pick up the device swiftly, scan a barcode and put the scanner away in no time so that a fast and smooth workflow is possible. The 2D area imagers support omnidirectional scanning for easy data capture. An exceptionally high motion tolerance also adds to an incredible scanning speed. The user gets visual, haptic and acoustic good-read confirmation.

Wireless Bluetooth technology guarantees high mobility and connectivity to ensure reliable data transfer. The Honeywell SF61B reading devices can be connected to Windows, iOS or Android mobile phones or tablets.

With the strong, easily exchangeable battery, the user can be sure that the scanners never run out of energy during a shift.

Honeywell SF61B models:

SF61B HP: EA30 2D imager with laser aimer
SF61B 2D: EA31 2D imager with LED aimer
SF61B 1D: EV14+ linear imager