Honeywell SG20 Series Barcode Scanner

  • customizable: 1D or 2D scan-engine, laser or LED aimer, corded or cordless
  • easy to use: ergonomic point and shoot scanning
  • trendy: arched shape

All business persons wish their customers to be pleased with the excellent service provided. With the Honeywell SG20 series barcode scanners, various aspects of day-to-day operations can be taken care of. The series offers a range of different options to exactly correspond to the task. The Honeywell SG20 handheld scanners are available with 1D or 2D scan-modules, with laser or LED aimers, corded or cordless. Using equipment that is cast from the same mold, as it were, helps to consistently organize an enterprise and to give it a new, smart look.

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HONEYWELL SG20 SERIES: Smooth Business Procedures

A straightforward checkout process will increase client satisfaction. The Honeywell SG20 series is easy to integrate into existing POS systems. The scanners are compatible with different devices and operating systems. They read barcodes from labels or display screens. An extraordinarily high motion tolerance and omnidirectional scanning capabilities make the 2D scanners a perfect solution when it comes to swift purchase transactions. The bright, multi-color LED on top gives clear scan confirmation as soon as the code has been successfully read, which makes it suitable even for noisy environments. The Honeywell SG20 series barcode scanners can be used as handheld or presentation scanners.

All cordless models are equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 Class II + EDR.

Honeywell SG20 series models:

SG20T HP: 2D EA30 area imager, with laser aimer, corded
SG20B HP: 2D EA30 area imager, with laser aimer, cordless

SG20T 2D: 2D EA31 area imager, with LED aimer, corded
SG20B 2D: 2D EA31 area imager, with LED aimer, cordless

SG20T 1D: linear imager, corded
SG20B 1D: linear imager, cordless

Additionally, there is also a healthcare version available. For more information please refer to Honeywell SG20 Healthcare Barcode Scanner.