Honeywell Voyager 9500 Series Barcode Scanner

  • innovative: latest Honeywell technology - CodeGate-function
  • highly-efficient: unique scan technology
  • handy: ergonomic handheld
  • versatile: USB, serial, Keyboard-Wedge and IBM interfaces

The successful Voyager 9500 series consists of two powerful hand-held scanners that are equipped with all the necessary functions to meet the industrial requirements. With the Voyager 9520 and the VoyagerCG 9540 you can easily scan almost all linear barcodes.

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Honeywell VOYAGER 9500 SERIES: Aggressive Barcode Scanning

The Voyager 9500 series is suitable for industries: It combines design and function and is reliable on every scan job. Whether fine barcodes in the jewelry sector or large codes in the logistics – these barcode scanners scan precisely with a 650-nanometer laser in a speed of 72 scans per second. The automatic trigger is used for an adaptive application. The Area Imager can be used flexibly as a handheld device or as a fixed presentation scanner for hands-free operations.

With the CodeGate function the VoyagerCG 9540 differs from the Voyager 9520. This patented scanning technology makes scanning easier and safer. A barcode sensor, which acts like a motion detector, is only activated when a barcode appears in the scanning area. This function is mainly required when you need to scan a menu that contains several barcodes. For secure and accurate data transmission just push the button.

Both scanners are equipped with an integrated Flash-ROM and the MetroSet2 software. With a weight of only 149 grams and its ergonomic form the use of the area imager is very pleasant.