Honeywell Xenon Ultra 1962 Series Barcode Scanner

  • flexible: 3 versions, SR or HD scan engine, with battery or supercapacitor
  • durable: high drop resistance, IP52, disinfectant-ready housing, straightforward design
  • powerful: high scan performance even when scanning barcodes of poor quality, suitable for HD and DPM

The Honeywell Xenon Ultra 1962 handheld scanner series offers outstanding scan performance in three variants: for use in retail (1962G), light industry (1962LI) and healthcare (1962H). With no cumbersome cable, the Bluetooth scanners allow for freedom of movement. They are easy to use and reliably capture all common bar and matrix codes regardless of condition. The barcode readers of the Xenon Ultra 1962 series are available with rechargeable battery or with supercapacitor.

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HONEYWELL XENON ULTRA 1962 SERIES: High-performance scanning in retail, light industry, and healthcare environments

Powerful scanners for flexible applications: The wireless scanner series Xenon Ultra 1962 from Honeywell is extremely versatile. The three available models enable high-performance barcode reading in industrial environments, in healthcare facilities or in retail. The scanners can be used in trigger mode or in presentation mode. A clearly visible green dot on the barcode and a signal tone provide good-read confirmation. The handheld scanners capture all common 1D and 2D codes, including high-density codes and DPM. Even barcodes of poor quality or with low contrast do not present a problem.

Wireless with Bluetooth: Bluetooth enables a radio range of up to 100 m. The scanners are therefore well suited for non-static work processes.

Rechargeable battery or supercapacitor: The handheld scanners of the 1962 series are available either with a rechargeable battery or with a supercapacitor. Choose the version suited best for the application. You may even combine both solutions, for example, if your enterprise uses larger numbers of devices. The barcode scanner with battery is able to capture around 80,000 barcodes per charge. It takes about 4.5 hours to fully recharge the battery. The capacitor can perform about 450 scans per charge, but it takes less than 4 minutes to recharge. The user receives a warning when the device needs charging.

Durable design: The mobile scanners can withstand drops from a height of 1.8 m and are protected against the ingress of dust and water in accordance with protection class IP52. Both the healthcare version as well as the other two models can be cleaned with disinfectants.

Xenon Ultra 1962G—for applications in retail: Speed up POS processes, manage inventory and offer self-service checkouts to your customers. The Xenon Ultra 1962G provides fast scan performance. Even damaged, poorly printed, or very dense codes mean no delay. Every barcode is read reliably and quickly. Choose between a standard-range scan engine or a scan engine that is suitable for high-density codes.

Xenon Ultra 1962LI—for industrial environments: The robust hand scanner can be used for the capture of barcodes from labels or direct part marking in manufacturing as well as for applications in warehousing, and for product tracing. The integrated scan engine enables the capture of DPM from all kinds of surfaces.

Xenon Ultra 1962H—for use in healthcare: Bluetooth technology offers high flexibility. The scanner can be used for patient admission, at the bedside or in the laboratory. The healthcare version has an antimicrobial housing that can be regularly wiped with strong cleaning agents.