Keyence HR-X-Series Barcodescanner

  • exactly meeting requirements: 3 models (standard, high-performance, DPM), corded or cordless
  • rugged:5 m drop resistance, oil resistant, IP65/IP67, durable trigger, disinfectant-ready, wireless charging
  • powerful: 5- or 6-core CPU, 2.3-megapixel sensor, 2 cameras (HR-X300/HR-X500), up to 17 hours battery runtime

The KEYENCE HR-X series offers three powerful handheld scanner models for different application areas, from retail to industry. The high-resolution CMOS megapixel sensor and a multi-core CPU ensure highest reading performance. For general applications, the standard model HR-X100 is an excellent choice. The high-performance model HR-X300 offers a particularly large depth of field for fast data collection from varying distances. To capture challenging direct part marking, the DPM model HR-X500 offers special illumination and an AI chip.All models are available either corded or cordless.

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KEYENCE HR-X SERIES: Three Industrial-grade Handheld Scanner Models

Each sector has its own specific data acquisition requirements. The HR-X series from KEYENCE offers three barcode reader models to meet the different requirements. All of them are equipped with a high-resolution megapixel sensor and a multi-core processor. This enables 1D and 2D barcodes as well as DPM codes to be captured with maximum speed and precision. Because of their robust design and durable trigger, the scanners are long-lived and suitable for particularly fast workflows and harsh environmental conditions. Quick and easy configuration via web browser enables seamless integration and straightforward operation. Wireless versions are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. The powerful battery enables up to 17 hours usage time and can be charged via USB-C cable or wirelessly.

The three models of the HR-X series:

HR-X100/HR-X100WB—The Standard Model

The HR-X100 is lightweight and, for example, suitable for POS applications. The scanner can capture 1D and 2D codes from a read range between 10 and 550 mm. It is equipped with a 5-core processor. For more convenience, it can be used in handheld or presentation mode. A signal tone and vibration provide clear feedback after the barcode has been captured.

HR-X300/HR-X300WB—The High-performance Model

The HR-X300 enables 1D and 2D barcodes capture at top-speed. The scan engine enables a large reading range between 10 and 800 mm. Two integrated cameras ensure a large depth of field. You can, for example, capture barcodes in upper shelves from the floor. The HR-X300 handheld scanner has 5 processor cores. It is equipped with a small OLED display and a function key.

HR-X500/HRX500WB—The DPM Model

DPM codes are common in industrial environments and present significant challenges for barcode scanners. Direct part markings may have very low contrast, be on curved or shiny surfaces, or be under foil. They may also be dirty, worn, or discolored. In many cases, conventional barcode readers are not able to decode the information. The HR-X500 industrial scanner was specifically developed for DPM data capture. Multiple illumination modes—direct, polarized, diffuse and two-sided—enable barcode acquisition from any surface. The illumination mode adjusts automatically to achieve the optimal result. The HR-X500 is equipped with a 6-core CPU. In addition, it has an AI chip which matches hard-to-read and damaged codes with an extensive database to filter out the required information. The powerful HR-X500 barcode reader is able to capture particularly tiny codes on very small technical components or medical products, for example. It is equipped with two cameras and covers a reading range between 10 and 500 mm. It provides an OLED display and a function key.

Accessories: Mounting bracket, wall/table bracket, communication and charging cradle, 4-slot battery charger, battery pack, network unit, LAN conversion adapter, RS232C conversion adapter, SR-EC1/PN1 conversion adapter