M3 Mobile UL20 Mobile Computers

  • high-resolution: Full HD display
  • reliable: High battery capacity even in cold warehouses
  • adaptable: Automatic defogging of screen and scanning window
  • powerful: Android 8.1, 2.2GHz Octa Core CPU

If you are looking for a stable and reliable mobile computer – look no further: The UL20 series has got it all. It is the best choice for harsh environments such as cold warehouses and dusty or wet working areas with scan-intensive workflows.

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With this rugged mobile computers you are prepared for every challenge that may occur in transport and logistics areas – indoors as well as outdoors. The UL20 Series provides a long-lasting Li-ion 3.6V 6,700mAh battery that is perfect for working long shifts without the need to charge in between. It is equipped with an 2.2GHz Octa Core CPU and an Android 8.1 operating system for a faster and more efficient workflow. Another supportive feature is the keypad with 35 keys plus a function key – the best way to operate a mobile-computer in logistics because the workers often wear gloves so it is easier to use with a large keypad. This way the efficiency increases and fast operation in the field is given.

You can use the UL20X with 4G/LTE, except of the UL20W – it can be used with Wi-Fi only, which makes sense in some environments.
Another version is the UL20F with great features for a workspace in cold temperatures down to -30°C. There is a sensor to control the temperature of screen and scanning window to defog. Additionally, the battery is particularly made for low temperatures like these and guarantees a smooth production flow. For being more time efficient, there is a battery hot-swap function because you don’t have to reboot the device after changing the battery.

With a 5.0-inch full HD screen with crystal Corning Gorilla Glass you have the perfect fit for harsh environments and this enables a stable business. The screen won’t break easily and neither does the scan window glass. Working in warehouses often includes rough handling and it is usual that the device drops. Furthermore, the device is exposed to a dusty and sometimes wet environment so it is very convenient to have IP67 sealing which refers to the UL20 being waterproof and dustproof.

To make the scanning process more efficient the UL20 series provides a Long-Range Scanner for a maximum of 21.4 meters. Also, the scanner has an angled position of 25 degrees to support a more comfortable aiming and scanning. This is a necessary feature for more ergonomic scanning especially when it is used in a longer working period.