Magic Leap 2 Glasses

  • convenient: headset weighs only 260 g, large field of view up to 70°, resolution up to 4K, multiple input options, Dynamic Dimming Technology, spatial audio
  • powerful: compute pack with AMD Zen 2 CPU, AMD RDNA 2 GPU, Wi-Fi 6
  • open: Android AOSP, compatible with many software solutions, cloud autonomy
  • flexible: Basic Edition, Developer Pro Edition, Enterprise Edition

Bring virtual content into your field of vision. The Augmented Reality glasses Magic Leap 2 provide new technology to work and create with, and to help you develop and enhance processes. The operation of the Magic Leap 2 AR glasses is geared towards the customer, from design to application. For example, emphasis is placed on a pleasant and customizable user experience. With the Magic Leap 2, you do not work in a closed system, but on AOSP basis. Extending the real world with virtual elements opens up new dimensions in many areas such as mechanical engineering, production, logistics, architecture, and medicine

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MAGIC LEAP 2: Augmented Reality for Various Industries

Well thought out hardware: The Augmented Reality glasses Magic Leap 2 consist of three elements: the stylish headset, the powerful compute pack, and the controller.

Headset: As the computer unit is worn separately, the Magic Leap 2 headset is incredibly light at just 260 grams. The padded headset is comfortable to wear and has a smart design. The exceptionally large diagonal field of view of up to 70° allows users to practically immerse in virtual content. They can see digital elements at a distance between 37 centimeters and infinity. The Magic Leap 2 has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a resolution of up to 4K. Two stereo speakers with 3D audio effect deliver a spatial sound experience. The headset is equipped with a 12.6-megapixel camera.

Compute Pack: The compute pack contains the computing power of the Magic Leap 2. It can be worn on a belt or with a shoulder strap, for example. The processor unit provides a quad-core AMD 7nm Zen 2 CPU with a 2.4 GHz clock frequency, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. The AR glasses run the Magic Leap OS which is based on Android 11 and compatible with Windows and macOS. The Magic Leap 2 offers Wi-Fi 6 for fast and stable internet access and enterprise-grade Wi-Fi security.

Controller: The handheld controller serves as human-machine interface. State-of-the-art tracking technologies enable the user to interact with virtual elements.

Data input: Various input options offer a high degree of flexibility when using the Magic Leap 2. These include gestures, voice input with speech-to-text function and a virtual keyboard. In addition, a physical keyboard and mouse can be connected via Bluetooth or USB.

Dynamic Dimming Technology: Dynamic Dimming is one of the highlights when working with the Magic Leap 2 data glasses. It allows up to 99.7% of the ambient light to be blocked out. The “global dimming” function dims the entire display around digital content and improves its visibility. With “segmented dimming”, selected areas of the display can be darkened. The Dynamic Dimming technology helps you to focus on virtual content and see it more clearly. The brightness of the display can vary between 20 and 2000 nits.

Open platform: The Magic Leap system is based on the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP). This enables simple integration and high scalability. Depending on the industry and application, the Magic Leap 2 data glasses can be used with a wide variety of middleware and end-user software solutions. It is possible to have applications pre-installed, for example MDM solutions from VMware and Ivanti, or to integrate your own solutions. Magic Leap also guarantees cloud autonomy, which means that you decide how and where your data is stored.

Magic Leap Assist: The application enables effective remote support and is available at no extra cost. Specialist staff can, for example, assist with troubleshooting or operating procedures, regardless of location.

Option for spectacle wearers: Prescriptions lenses can be inserted and are available separately (+5 to -10).

What are the benefits for your enterprise?

Information in the form of text, images, videos, and 3D models can be displayed right in the user’s field of vision. Employees have access to a large pool of knowledge to continuously increase their level of expertise and skills. Through an immersive virtual experience, they gain a better understanding of work equipment and processes. Consistent and effective training of staff is ensured. In addition, the smart glasses enable communication with colleagues and customers. In logistics, the successive steps for processing orders can be displayed and routes can be shown. The Magic Leap Assist software can be used for straightforward remote support. The results: better collaboration and faster decision-making, motivated staff with in-depth knowledge, higher productivity, increased quality and safety.

Three available options: Basic Edition, Developer Pro Edition, Enterprise Edition

Accessories: Carry case, two USB-C cables, overhead strap, cleaning cloth