Newland FR50 Barcodescanner

  • unusual: spheric design, magnetic socket
  • efficient: for 1D and 2D barcodes, suitable for very small or inverse barcodes and rectangular QR codes
  • versatile: flexible positioning, suitable for low-light environments

The presentation scanner Newland FR50 Pearl is a real eye-catcher. It is easy to use and captures all common barcodes and matrix codes from both paper and displays. With its magnetic base, it can be mounted very flexibly. The barcode reader is primarily intended for the retail sector. Thanks to its IR sensor, it is also suitable for applications with low ambient light, for example in restaurants or in the entertainment industry.

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NEWLAND FR50 PEARL: Presentation Scanner with a Unique Design

Compared to the otherwise somewhat uniform presentation scanners, the barcode scanner FR50 Pearl from Newland is an attractive eye-catcher at the POS. Its megapixel scan engine reads 1D and 2D barcodes at close range. Even particularly small barcodes, inverted codes or rectangular matrix codes can be captured without a problem. Thanks to the automatic exposure control (AEC), barcodes from reflective displays can be captured just as easily as barcodes printed on paper.

The FR50 Pearl is easy to use: simply present the barcode in front of the green LED aimer at a distance of between approx. 40 mm and 360 mm. After successful data capture, the scanner provides clear feedback via LED and signal tone. As the FR50 has both a light sensor for normal ambient light and an IR sensor for applications in darker environments, it can be used very flexibly. The spheric scanner is placed on the magnetic stand and can be positioned as required.

By means of the EasySet configuration software by Newland, the presentation scanner is quickly ready for operation. It can be used within a temperature range between -20 °C and +60 °C and is sealed against the ingress of dust and water in accordance with protection class IP42.

The Newland FR50 Pearl is a powerful presentation scanner at an attractive price and a stylish feature at the POS.