Newland HR52 Bonito/ HR52 Bonito Duo Barcode Scanner

  • easy: simple operation, reads 1D/2D barcodes in any condition
  • accurate: Acuscan technology
  • robust:8 m drop resistance, IP54
  • new: Duo Near&Far scan technology allowing a scan range between 20 cm and 980 cm

The handheld scanners HR52 Bonito and HR52 Bonito Duo from Newland is ideal for POS and warehouse applications. The robust barcode readers have an ergonomic shape and are easy to use. They capture 1D and 2D barcodes quickly and accurately. The HR52 Bonito is available as corded or cordless version. The HR52 Bonito Duo is corded and provides the high-performance Near&Far scan engine with a scan range of up to 9.8 m.

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NEWLAND HR52 BONITO/HR52 BONITO DUO: Durable Handheld Scanners for POS and Warehouse

The barcode scanner series HR52 Bonito by Newland ensures quick and reliable barcode reading and provides an optimal solution for points of sale and order picking. Because of the ergonomic design, the handheld scanners are convenient to use. A clearly visible red laser cross enables easy aiming. The Acuscan technology lets you select exactly the required barcode from among several barcodes on a package or a pick list. The HR52 Bonito/HR52 Bonito Duo scanners read all common 1D and 2D barcodes from packaging, displays, or plastic cards. They capture data reliably, even if barcodes are damaged, smudged, or poorly printed. The user receives visible, acoustic, and haptic feedback.

The HR52 Bonito and HR52 Bonito Duo handheld scanners can be easily integrated into POS systems. They are equipped with an RS-232 and a USB port. Due to their robust design, they are suitable for fast workflows. The high drop resistance and protection class IP54 ensure a long service life.

Corded version: The corded model of the scanner HR52 Bonito is particularly suitable for stationary use, for example at points of sale. The coiled cable still ensures some flexibility. If the scanner is used with a stand (accessory), hands-free scanning is also possible.

Corded version HR52 Bonito Duo with Near&Far scan engine: The basic model HR52 Bonito is equipped with a standard-range imager, which provides a rather small scan range compared to the Near&Far scan engine. Depending on the barcode, it allows a scan range between 20 mm and 280 mm. In contrast, the HR52 Bonito Duo with the new Near&Far scan engine enables an extended scan range between 20 cm and 980 cm for a large variety of applications.

Cordless version: The Bluetooth version of the barcode reader HR52 Bonito is ideal for workflows where mobility is required, for example in a warehouse. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures fast data communication. It has a radio range of up to 50 m. Batch mode makes it possible to store captured barcodes on the scanner first and transfer the data to the host device later. The HR52 Bonito handheld scanner offers storage capacity for up to 20 000 barcodes. Battery runtime is 12 hours. The charging station also serves as a stand to enable hands-free scanning.