Newland NQuire Series Customer Concierge

  • interactive: capacitive touchscreen, barcode scanner, camera
  • flexible: four versions: 5", 7", 10.1", 15.6"
  • excellent:0 GHz octa-core CPU, Android 13, MDM software Ndevor
  • versatile: Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, Ethernet (supports PoE), optional NFC or MSR module

Kiosk systems are stationary terminals that can be used as an information point or for interactive self-service. Kiosk systems offer many advantages: around-the-clock availability, adaptability to a wide variety of applications and reduced personnel costs. With the NQuire series, Newland provides a whole range of touch terminals in various formats. All devices are equipped with an octa-core processor, a scanner for 1D and 2D barcodes and a camera. In addition, the kiosk terminals are equipped with wireless interfaces such as Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth.

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NEWLAND NQUIRE SERIES: Interactive Kiosk Terminals in Four Sizes

Four terminals for many applications: The NQuire series from Newland offers four display sizes, from the compact 5-inch to the 15.6-inch touchscreen (see below). A suitable format can be selected depending on the application and space available. The large format models are the best choice for displaying large amounts of data, for example for presenting information or editing data. If the terminal is only used for access control or if space is very limited, a smaller screen can be selected.

Features: In addition to a scanner for barcodes and matrix codes, the NQuire kiosk series is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera. For reliable data processing a 64-bit octa-core processor with a memory capacity of 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM is integrated. A MicroSD card slot allows the memory to be expanded by up to 128 GB. The devices run the Android 13 operating system. For device management, Newland provides the Ndevor software solution. The kiosk terminals support Power-over-Ethernet for power supply. Standardized VESA mounting options allow portrait or landscape mounting.

Kiosk solution for warehousing and industrial applications: The stationary terminals in the NQuire series can be used for inventory control and warehouse management, for example. With the integrated barcode reader, the terminals enable capture of all common barcodes and matrix codes. Machine calibration or workflow management are industrial application areas, where a larger touchscreen is recommendable. The more compact versions of the NQuire series can be used for access control systems and time recording. This requires the NFC module which is available as an accessory and supports both reading and writing of NFC tags.

Convenient solution for the retail and the hospitality sectors: Whether for self-checkout or for price checking in retail, ordering in a restaurant, or checking in and out of a hotel, with the Nquire kiosk solutions, customers do not depend on staff assistance. They benefit from intuitive and interactive self-service using the terminal’s capacitive touchscreen. The kiosks provide access to information and enable contactless payment (NFC module required). With the integrated barcode scanner, product information and prices can be retrieved quickly and easily, coupons or loyalty cards can be scanned. The Stingray II, Manta III and Mobula II models are also able to capture barcodes from smartphone or tablet displays.

Wireless interfaces: Dual-band Wi-Fi, 4G (2 SIM cards can be inserted), Bluetooth 5.2

Ports: USB Type C, USB Type A (except Skate II), 2 x GPIO, Ethernet RJ45

Options: NFC module, MSR module

NQuire kiosk terminals:

NQuire 500 Skate II: 5-inch touchscreen, dimensions (W × H × D): 156,5 × 100,4 × 29 mm

NQuire 750 Stingray II: 7-inch touchscreen, dimensions (W × H × D): 158,9 × 132,5 × 32 mm

NQuire 1000 Manta III: 10.1-inch touchscreen, dimensions (W × H × D): 251,7 × 173,5 × 32 mm

NQuire 1500 Mobula II: 15.6-inch touchscreen, dimensions (W × H × D): 380,5 × 246,5 × 33 mm