NIMMSTA Industrial Smart Watch

  • modular: scanner unit, trigger pad, cuff
  • intelligent: SDK for bidirectional communication with WMS
  • industry-level: IP65, high drop resistance
  • flexible: standard-range or mid-range scanner
  • powerful: long battery runtime, inductive fast charging

Optimize workflows with the clever Nimmsta “Industrial Smart Watch HS 50” intralogistics solution. It enables greater efficiency in the processing of orders and a significantly lower error rate. One of the advantages of the HS 50 is its modular design. A scanner unit combined with a flexible trigger pad can be attached to the cuff by Velcro. The lightweight device follows every move. Its touch display enables bidirectional interaction with the company’s warehouse management system and guides employees through the work process. An innovative and time-saving solution.

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NIMMSTA INDUSTRIAL SMART WATCH: Wearable for Smart Intralogistics Solutions

Scan engine: The compact housing contains a powerful scan engine for capturing all common 1D and 2D barcodes. The unit is available with a standard range scanner, for ranges between 4.1 cm and 64 cm. For extended reading ranges between 5.3 cm and 436.9 cm, the HS 50 is also available with a mid-range scan engine. The laser aimer makes it easy to target barcodes. After triggering the scan with the thumb, the user receives clear visual, haptic, and acoustic feedback. The small wearable weighs only about 45 g and enables hands-free working.

Touchscreen: The HS 50 is equipped with a 1.54-inch display. The layout can be tailored to working processes. By displaying instructions on the screen, employees can be guided step by step through an entire process. For example, the worker can be successively guided through a picklist, then print the shipping label. Or a worker can be guided through an assembly process step by step. Training time is reduced significantly. Errors are eliminated.

Software: Nimmsta provides a browser-based and an app-based SDK for Android and Windows. It enables two-way communication with the WMS. It also enables optimized workflows by creating detailed instructions, for example, for a picking workflow, an inventory workflow, or an assembly process. The required functions and instructions can be inserted and arranged on the display as needed for the process. Ready-made solutions are provided to facilitate the implementation in Ivanti Wavelink or StayLinked.

The company Android application can be easily rolled out using SOTI MobiControl.

High durability: The small data collector is suitable for use in industrial areas. It has a high drop resistance and can withstand at least 50 drops from a height of 1.8 m. It is sealed against the ingress of dust particles and water in accordance with protection class IP65.

Battery: The powerful battery ensures uninterrupted work processes. Battery runtime is specified as 24 hours or 8,000 scans per charge. The HS 50 enables inductive fast charging.

Application areas: The wearable Industrial Smart Watch HS 50 is specifically designed for interaction with warehouse management systems. The ideal application scenarios are therefore picking, shipping and inventory processing. The HS 50 scanner also provides an effective solution for assembly processes.

Industrial Smart Watch HS 50:

Cuff: Silicone-free, available in four sizes (S/M/L/XL), left or right, can be worn with work glove, washable, with green (left) or blue (right) label

Trigger Pad: can be attached to cuff using Velcro, available for left-handed (green) and right-handed (blue) use, trigger can be individually positioned

Scanner Unit: 55,7 mm × 16,9 mm × 44 mm (W × H × D), 45 g, with standard-range or mid-range scan engine, laser aimer, speaker, 1.54-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth

Accessories: Single charging station, 10-bay charging station, clip (for zipper or lanyard), pull-out zipper, lanyard, display protection foil