Nordic ID EXA21 RFID-Reader

  • independent: wireless Bluetooth connection
  • flexible: fixed installation or mobile use
  • adaptable: use with Android, iOS or Windows 10

The company Nordic ID provides intelligent RFID solutions for various environments and applications. The Nordic ID EXA21 UHF RFID reader is a compact device enabling a fast and uncomplicated acquisition of RFID tags. Particularly in the retail context, the Nordic ID EXA21 ensures a smooth workflow and efficient procedures.

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NORDIC ID EXA21: Compact UHF RFID Reader for Retail Environments

Small device – huge impact on the day-to-day business. The Nordic ID EXA21 UHF RFID reader is equipped with a smart time-of-flight (ToF) sensor. It has automatic trigger capabilities or can be triggered manually. With reading speeds of up to 200 tags per second, the EXA21 is an ideal tool for enhanced productivity, for example, in connection with in-store and stock management. The RFID reader also enables quick item tracking, for instance, if an item gets damaged or lost during shipment. For more efficiency in the shop, it also enables mobile payment transactions, contributing to the convenience of customers and personnel.

Depending on the application field, it is possible to install the Nordic ID EXA21 RFID capturing device permanently or use it as mobile device. Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy Class 2 ensures energy-efficient and dependable wireless connectivity. With Nordic ID “Smart Pair”, the EXA21 RFID reader can be easily connected to other Bluetooth devices. The compact RFID reader EXA21 by Nordic ID is compatible with mobile devices that run either the Android or the iOS operating systems as well as with Windows-based PCs.

The Nordic ID EXA21 UHF RFID reader is an optimal solution for convenient data acquisition. Its lightweight design ensures comfortable mobile use and because of its robust construction, the clever RFID reader is ready for everyday operation. It complies with protection class IP65 and can withstand drops from 1.5 m. The EXA21 can be attached to a POS card reader, to a wrist strap or a belt and conveniently be taken along. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 8 hours.