Printronix P8000 Cabinett Line Matrix Printers

  • economical: low Total Cost of Ownership
  • flexible: individual adaption to requirements
  • efficient: high productivity, long life
  • economical: careful use of resources

The P8000 cabinet from the Printronix P8000 cassette printer series is a reliable and efficient line matrix printing system. The successor model of the P7000 is economical yet powerful. The maximum speed of the system is 1000 lines per minute (capital letters). A new, practical design and optimized features allow for high adaptability and compatibility at the lowest cost of ownership.

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PRINTRONIX P8000 Cabinet Line Matrix Printer: Low TCO – High Quality

As a rugged printing system, the Printronix P8000 cabinet has no demands regarding its location and is versatile in its use. The Printronix P8000 Cabinet with base cabinet offers multi-optional and flexible paper processing. Oversize or multi-part forms are not a challenge for the line matrix printer.

Printronix is ​​a strong partner for industrial printer technology. The management software “PrintNet” controls all systems from one place via remote control. A fast and active intervention is guaranteed and thus disturbances can be avoided. A compatible combination with other operating systems runs smoothly (Windows, SAP), and the software installation is simple and uncomplicated. OpenPrint technology, from the manufacturer itself, supports other applications that allow easy processing of PDF and PostScript files.

The Printronix P8000 cabinet is equipped as standard with a USB 2.0 interface. An Ethernet interface is optionally available.

Thanks to its economic operation and rational consumables, the system offers long-life service and great savings potential. A new backward compatible ribbon cartridge minimizes administrative costs and makes ordering easier. In addition, a new power-saving system reduces standby power consumption by 55 percent.

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