Printronix S828 Matrix Printers

  • inexpensive: maximum uptime at low cost
  • clever: powerful remote management function
  • robust: stable and indestructible metal housing

The Printronix S828 is a robust and powerful dot matrix printer. It is a reliable and extremely durable 18-pin printer with an excellent price-performance ratio. The maximum speed of the printing system is 800 characters per second (at 10 characters/inch). Its optimized functions and practical design enable a high level of adaptability and combinability with even lower operating costs.

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PRINTRONIX S828 matrix printer: Robust printing solution for demanding environments

As a reliable printing system, the Printronix S828 can be used in a variety of ways. It combines a high print speed of 450 lines/minute with outstanding print capacity and reliability. The particularly long service life also has a positive impact on the low total cost of ownership. The Printronix S828 has an extended-life ribbon that guarantees a yield of up to 25 million characters.

The S828 has original IBM IPDS and thus offers a particularly high level of compatibility and functionality. In addition to the common Ethernet and USB interfaces as well as parallel and serial interfaces, the S828 also supports ANSI 3.64 and 18-pin emulation. This ensures simple plug and play compatibility without additional software or driver changes.

Its powerful 6-pin tractors ensure optimal form feed in the Printronix S828. In addition to its high reliability and remarkable print head life, the S828 also features a practical and extremely robust metal construction.