ProGlove Mark Basic Barcode Scanner

  • versatile: flexible wearable options: wrist band with palm or index trigger, reel
  • ergonomic: compact design, only 40 g
  • useful: scanning distances between 30 and 150 cm
  • optimal: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • ideal: reads 1D, 2D and DPM

A substantial productivity growth can be achieved by means of intelligent wearable solutions. The wearable barcode reader MARK Basic by ProGlove was developed to enhance workflow efficiency and to minimize the error rate at the same time. Workers have both hands free and can fully focus on the job. For flexible use, the scanner module MARK Basic can be attached to a wrist band or a reel. Take the first step to an improved workflow with the wearable barcode scanner MARK Basic by ProGlove.

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PROGLOVE MARK BASIC: Simple and Clever Data Collection with Wearables

The ProGlove MARK Basic is the entry-level wearable device of the MARK barcode scanner series. Because of its wide scan range from 30 to 150 cm the MARK Basic is suitable for a large field of applications. For example, the MARK Basic is recommended for KANBAN applications. It is an ideal solution for the transport and logistics sector, for production or retail applications and for warehousing and order picking tasks.

The wearable data acquisition device MARK Basic by ProGlove is easy to use. The small module can be attached to a wrist band to enable hands-free working, which is optimal for workers who need both hands, for example to grab large packages. It’s as simple as aiming at the barcode and then scan with the trigger button at the side of the wrist band. Only 0.5 seconds per scan and no need to take up a hand scanner and put it down again after the scan. This surely contributes to faster and smoother working processes. There is also a wrist band with a palm trigger available. Another option is to attach the MARK Basic barcode reader unit to a reel, which can be fastened to a belt or worn around the neck on a lanyard. To use the scanner, it can be simply pulled out. After a successful scan, the user gets clear haptic, visual and acoustic good-read confirmation.

The MARK Basic hand scanner captures all common 1D and 2D barcodes as well as DPM codes. By means of Bluetooth Low Energy, Data can be transmitted to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. With the easy-to-pair function, it only takes one single scan to connect.

The ProGlove Connect application enables uncomplicated integration and auto-configuration of the MARK Basic. It includes the scan-to-pair function and simplifies Firmware updates.

A long-lasting battery ensures that the MARK Basic has enough power for an 8-hour shift. The charging station is designed for two MARK scanner modules. It takes less than two hours to fully charge the scanner.

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