ProGlove Mark 3 Barcode Scanner

  • durable: ideal for harsh working environments
  • robust: outdoor use and low temperatures are no problem, IP65
  • useful: scanning ranges between 10 and 60 cm
  • light: 40 grams
  • strong: battery life of up to 12,000 scans

The small clip-on barcode scanners from ProGlove have in many industries become a well-established solution for large-scale digital data capturing. The advantage: attached to a wristband, the wearables enable hands-free workflows. The compact scanner unit Mark 3 is equipped with a flexible multi-range scanner for distances of up to 6 m. It is lightweight, robust and fast. Get ready for a new level of efficiency!

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PROGLOVE Mark 3: Small, powerful, flexible

Significant workflow improvement: 40 grams can make a difference! With the ProGlove Mark 3, data acquisition is simply integrated into the worker’s sequence movements. The Mark 3 comes with a laser aimer, which makes it easy to target barcodes and capture them via point-and-shoot. Scans are conveniently triggered with the thumb. The Mark 3 is equipped with a multi-range scanner. It enables barcode reading at close range from 10 cm as well as at greater distances of up to 6 m. This useful feature makes the Mark 3 a versatile solution. For example, barcodes can be effortlessly collected from a forklift truck.

Fast operations at high convenience: The Mark 3 is ideal for process optimization in a wide range of industries. Simply attached to a wrist cuff, the small barcode reader becomes a handy wearable. Since the fingers remain free, it is possible to operate mobile devices. Of course, the wristband can also be worn comfortably over a glove. Alternatively, the Mark 3 scanner can be attached to a pull-out reel clip. After a barcode has been successfully captured, the user receives clear visual, audible and haptic feedback. LED, beeper and vibration are adjustable.

Speed and accuracy: ProGlove’s Mark 3 captures barcodes ultra-fast and accurately. It supports fast workflows that are commonplace, for instance, in production, warehousing and logistics or delivery environments. The powerful battery of the Mark 3 also contributes to smooth work processes. It can perform up to 12,000 scans per charge and is fully recharged in only 2 hours.

Uncomplicated integration: With “Insight”, ProGlove offers a software platform that ensures fast integration of the Mark scanning units. Large-scale projects with hundreds of devices can be rolled out just as smoothly as smaller ones. Depending on the version, the Insight platform also includes analysis and diagnostics tools. The Mark 3 is compatible with numerous ERP and warehouse management systems. Via Bluetooth, the small barcode reader can be connected to mobile devices.

Durable: Day-to-day work can be quite demanding, for example, because of fast working procedures or due to hot, cold or wet weather conditions. Therefore, the Mark 3 barcode scanner is extremely robust. It is protected against the ingress of dust and water (IP54), can withstand drops from a height of up to 2 m, and works just as reliably in low as in high temperature environments (-20 °C to +50 °C).

Accessories: Index Trigger (wristband, 3 sizes, left/right), Hand Strap (one-size wristband, left/right), Reel Scanner (retractable, with trigger button), multiple charging stations etc.