PSI PP 408 Dot Matrix Printers

Whether forms or labels, the PP 408 from PSI covers almost every requirement. He prints endlessly with 24 needles of 0.25 mm needle diameter. The standard built-in cutter also offers perfect separation of the printed endless sets.

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PSI PP 408 Matrix Printer: Printer for up to 30,000 Pages/Month

The matrix printer PP 408 is the perfect solution for economical and fast high-performance printing. With a print output of about 750 pages per hour, it has a volume of up to 30,000 pages per month. Easy to use and with its outstanding applications, it is easily integrated into every business and supports you in many application areas. With the Plug & Print function, the plug-in tractor cassettes ensure quick and easy operation and easy paper change. This saves valuable working time and costs.

Other important features:

  • two continuous forms can be activated alternatively
  • uni- and bidirectional precision printing
  • 1 original & 5 copies
  • Print format: 136 characters at 10 characters/inch
  • Control panel: 16-digit LCD, display in German, English, French