PSI PP 803 Dot Matrix Printers

  • precise: best printing results with the PSi Intellidrive technology
  • powerful: up to 9 (1+8) copies, maximum 500 pages/hour
  • versatile: up to two fanfold paper feeders (opt.), feeder for single paper sheets (opt.)
  • easy: customizable macro functions
  • automatic: paper run and ribbon are constantly monitored for dependable unattended printing

If you are looking for a professional, high-volume dot matrix printer, the Psi PP 803 is a top performance device that is suitable for a wide range of application areas. Its sturdy metal construction makes it the ideal choice for challenging industrial environments as well as for logistics or administrative applications. The compact 24-wire dot matrix printer reaches a maximum print speed of 600 cps (characters per second) at a resolution of 20 cpi (characters per inch). It produces up to 9 copies (1+8), providing highest print quality.

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PSi PP 803: Let the Printer do the Job

The Psi PP 803 is in a class of its own. Not only can it manage a heavy workload but it also provides highest printing performance. Depending on the kind of print job, there are different printing modes to select from: High Speed Draft (HSD), Data Quality (DQ), Near Letter Quality (NLQ) and Letter Quality (LQ). The advanced PSi Intellidrive technology ensures sharp contrast prints, no matter if letters or barcodes are printed. Due to the accurate print positioning, the PSi PP803 dot matrix printer presents the ideal solution for pre-printed forms. Another useful feature is the Automatic Gap Control (AGC) which optimizes the print gap according to paper thickness.

High-volume printing requires an economical solution. The high-performance PSi PP 803 wire matrix printer comes with a long-lasting ribbon that can print up to 15 million characters. To keep expenses low, the print head is particularly durable. Also, the robust construction ensures a long life and low maintenance costs.

For a convenient use, the Psi PP 803 dot matrix printer can be operated via LCD display. Simple use is guaranteed with customizable macros. The modular interface options ensure easy integration. Paper run and ribbon are permanently controlled to that printing jobs can be completed unattended.

Several options provide more flexibility: paper cutter, second tractor cassette, manual feed unit (for single paper sheet input or input of a set of forms), printer stand (for dual fanfold paper input).