PSI PR 9 Dot Matrix Printers

  • precise: perfect for form and document printing
  • long-lived: robust structure, highly durable print head
  • economical: low cost of ownership due to long-lasting printer consumables
  • versatile: selectable printing quality, optionally also for continuous paper
  • compact: low profile design

Are you looking for a professional printer to process forms of all sorts, prescriptions or pass books? The PSi PR 9 with its Automatic Gap Control (AGC) as well as its automatic document edge sensing and alignment technology is an ideal choice. In banks, healthcare and public management facilities, where forms and documents need to be printed on a regular basis, the PSi PR 9 dot matrix printer is a good choice. Due to its robust construction, the PSi PR 9 flatbed printer is also suitable for industrial environments.

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PSi PR 9: Sturdy Document Wire Matrix Printer

The professional PSi PR 9 24-wire matrix printer comes with multiple features to simplify form printing. To ensure optimal results, its Automatic Gap Control (AGC) adjusts the print head according to paper thickness automatically and documents are aligned automatically as well. Due to its simple and reliable operation, the compact flatbed dot matrix printer improves administrative procedures immensely and leads to a smooth and trouble-free workflow. A LCD operating panel and 5 buttons ensure uncomplicated use.

For more efficiency, the PSi PR 9 document printer reaches a maximum print speed of 570 cps (characters per second). Up to 7 (1+6) carbon paper copies can be created. There are 4 printing modes to choose form: High Speed Draft (HSD), Draft Quality (DQ), Near Letter Quality (NLQ), Letter Quality (LQ).

The PSi PR 9 24-wire matrix printer doesn’t take much room. It fits even into small offices due to its flat and compact design (W x D x H: 398 x 296 x 201 mm). The printer’s long-lived print head lasts for more than 400 million dots per needle and ensures low maintenance costs. Multiple interface options enable uncomplicated setup and operation: Serial (RS-232), Parallel, USB.