SATO CL6NX Plus Label Printers

  • excellent: print speeds of up to 10 ips (254 mm/s), print resolution of 203 and 305 dpi
  • multi-lingual: multiple printer emulations, 47 print languages, 31 display languages
  • ideal: SATO “AEP” solution enables standalone operation, “PDF Direct Printing”
  • uncomplicated: easy operation with large color display, video tutorials included
  • clever: SATO “SOS” provides an intelligent preventive maintenance solution and real-time support

The SATO CL6NX Plus is an industrial printer with a focus on reliability to ensure smooth processes. SATO’s preventive maintenance approach reduces downtimes to a minimum. The label printer excels at print speed and print accuracy. Its integrated set of interfaces and optional WLAN connectivity allow versatile applications. The CL6NX Plus can be used as standalone printer. Because of its versatility, the printer is suitable for various industries, for example for traceability solutions in production and automotive environments as well as for retail, warehousing or transport and logistics applications. As option, it is available with UHF RFID.

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SATO CL6NX PLUS: Smart Label Printer for Versatile Application Fields

SATO’s CL6NX Plus label printer provides a smart printing solution. Print speeds of up to 10 ips or 254 mm per second ensure productive working processes. The industrial printer automatically switches between a print resolution of 203 dpi or 305 dpi. High-precision printing is ideal for industrial applications, for example for micro label printing. It is possible to process heat resistant labels. The CL6NX Plus prints linear and 2D Codes as well as text in 47 languages. The advanced label printer is available with UHF RFID capability as option.

The CL6NX Plus by SATO comes with dual CPU and dual OS architecture. CPU 1 for Linux OS, with a clock rate of 800 MHz, provides 256 MB RAM and 2 GB ROM. CPU 2 for ITRON OS also has a clock rate of 800 MHz and offers 64 MB RAM and 4 MB ROM. SATO’s “Application Enabled Printing” (AEP) allows direct connection to peripheral devices, such as barcode scanners, or to PLCs to enable printer operation without PC. The SATO CL6NX Plus printer supports the SOTI Connect management software and offers the cloud-based “App Storage” application.

By means of the large color display and a simple user interface, the printer can be intuitively operated. The display provides 31 languages, so the SATO CL6NX Plus can be deployed worldwide. Very useful is the “PDF Direct Printing” application, which enables the label printer to directly process PDF data. Because of the large number of emulations and the auto-detect function, the CL6NX Plus can be integrated into all sorts of environments. Besides SATO’s standard printer language SBPL, it also supports SZPL, SDPL, SIPL, STCL and SEPL emulations.

Multiple interfaces ensure uncomplicated integration and versatile use. The label printer CL6NX Plus is equipped with serial, parallel, USB and Ethernet ports and provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity as well as NFC. As option, it is possible to add WLAN connectivity.

The sturdy label printer CL6NX Plus by SATO comes with a robust metal housing. The bi-fold cover enables easy access for maintenance, for example platen roller or printhead replacement. There are no tools required. 18 “how-to” videos provide basic guidance.

For smooth processes, dependable workflow-related solutions are essential. The label printer CL6NX Plus by SATO is easy to handle and offers high-end print results. Because of its self-diagnostics system and the cloud-based “SATO Online Services” (SOS), the device works absolutely reliable. If printhead or platen need replacement or if the printer runs out of paper or ribbon, the user is informed timely. With SOS, users receive a notification e-mail ahead of time, in order to avoid downtimes. SOS also provides online support service with real-time troubleshooting to get the device up and running again as soon as possible. This preventive maintenance and real-time support approach virtually saves time and money.

Accessories: Cutter, dispenser with internal rewinder, real-time clock, WLAN, barcode checker kit, UHF RFID