SATO CT4-LX Label Printers

  • smart: RFID option, easy integration and management, can be used as stand-alone device
  • intuitive: simple operation, 4.3” color touch panel
  • ideal: large memory space, supports multiple fonts, languages, barcode symbologies
  • efficient: 8” per second at 203 dpi
  • compact: small footprint

The compact CT4-LX by SATO offers an intelligent label printing solution for a wide variety of applications. If you require a reliable, easy-to-use label printer for retail, warehousing, transport and logistics or manufacturing environments, the CT4-LX comes with a small footprint but packed with smart technology. It is also available with an integrated multi-feature RFID reader/writer. With its large color display, it can be intuitively used. The desktop printer CT4-LX by SATO provides the flexibility and dependability needed in modern working environments.

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SATO CT4-LX: Reliable Label Printer for Multiple Applications

The smart 4-inch desktop printer CT4-LX by SATO is particularly user-friendly and does not require extensive training. Its large 4.3-inch color display is simple to operate by means of easy-to-understand icons. 21 preset how-to videos explain basic functions and handling of the printer. Besides an improved display navigation, SATO’s Application Enabled Printing (AEP) 3.0 also enables automatic updates for price or SKU changes. Peripheral devices, such as keyboards or barcode scanners can be directly connected and the printer used as stand-alone device. It is possible to print text, 1D and 2D barcodes as well as graphics. The CT4-LX supports a large variety of print fonts in 47 languages and multiple barcode symbologies. Label settings can be saved and reused. It is possible to print PDF formats directly without additional applications or drivers. A choice of 31 menu languages enables around-the-globe operation of the SATO CT4-LX printer.

The SATO CT4-LX is equipped with a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor and provides 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM and 4 GB eMMC memory. Multiple interfaces enable uncomplicated integration: USB 2.0 Type B High Speed Device, 2 x USB Type A High Speed Host, Ethernet and NFC for quick and easy pairing. A WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth (v4.1) kit is available to add wireless connectivity. The device comes with interface auto-switch functionality. SATO also provides remote management applications to facilitate deployment of one or multiple printers. The CT4-LX is compatible with SATO Online Services (SOS), a solution for instant support and remote maintenance provided by SATO.

Because of the small dimensions (178 mm x 238 mm x 214 mm), the compact device fits into the smallest spaces. Use direct thermal printing material for short term print-outs or the thermal transfer printing method for long-lasting results. The SATO CT4-LX can handle a large spectrum of media, for example, roll or fan-fold, paper or synthetics materials and linerless media. It is possible to use face-in or face-out media. The standard printer language is SBPL (SATO Barcode Printer Language). To ensure productive workflows, the label printer CT4-LX by SATO reaches a maximum print speed of 8 inches or 203 mm per second at a print resolution of 203 dpi and of 6 inches or 152 mm per second at 305 dpi.

The SATO CT4-LX desktop label printer provides self-diagnosis functions to make sure, the printer runs smoothly and to prevent downtime. The thermal head is permanently monitored. Additionally, the printer is equipped with a label end and a ribbon near-end and end sensor to notify the user in time.

An increasing number of businesses use RFID tags for precise as well as faster and more convenient data collection. There are factory-installed RFID solutions available for the SATO CT4-LX label printer. The UHF RFID reader/writer module allows the use of individual transponder sizes and the use of short-pitch labels. It enables TID reading and printing as text and barcode and provides a flexible and customizable solution for RFID applications.

Accessories: Cutter, Linerless Cutter, Dispenser Kit, RS-232 Kit, RTC, WLAN/Bluetooth Kit, RFID Module (factory-installed).