Solcon Mobile Trolley 1100

  • sturdy: tilt resistant through low center of gravity
  • independent: mobile power supply
  • convertible: optional with telescopic printer ejection, large storage area, detachable back panel

In many modern workspaces, a mobile workplace increases workflow efficiency and saves time. The mobile trolley 1100 from Solcon is a thought-out vehicle, which comes along with independent power supply. Thanks to exchangeable batteries it also provides continuous operation during a whole working day. The mobile trolley offers ample space and is also ideal for harsh environments.

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SOLCON Mobile Trolley 1100: Mobile Workstation for IPC, Laptop and Printer

The 1100 mobile trolley from Solcon is made of powder-coated steel, has large wheels and an ergonomic handle. The low center of gravity ensures stability and the trolley can be comfortably moved from A to B.

Necessary devices, such as laptops, notebooks, printers, etc. can find enough space on the mobile trolley 1100. Screens and industrial computers (IPC) can be attached to a holder so that they are always within easy reach. In the drawer there is additional storage space.

The 1100 mobile trolley from Solcon is also equipped with a LCD display to keep the current charge of the battery always in view. An optical and acoustic signal warns early enough when a battery change is necessary. The display also shows the number of depth discharges since the last battery change, as well as ambient- and battery-temperatures.

Optional features:

  • telescopic printer ejection
  • large storage area
  • extra battery
  • battery swap unit