Soredi SH Series Vehicle Mounted Computers

  • extremely robust: IP54, IP65, IP67; freezer suitable
  • slim: only 64 mm
  • adaptable: choose size, CPU, OS etc.

For the industrial sector particularly stable computers are needed. The Soredi industrial computers SH series are extremely robust, the housing is completely closed and designed very flat. The devices are suitable for mounting e.g. on forklifts as well as for stationary use. The durable computers are available in 3 sizes: 10", 12", 15".

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SOREDI SH SERIES: Stability in Combination with Flexibility

The company Soredi develops and builds industrial computers adapted to particularly harsh environments. The PCs SH series from Soredi are not only functional but also very appealing and pleasant to use. Contributing to this is the robust, high-resolution display, but also the extra-flat, completely enclosed aluminum housing. The computers are designed so that mechanical influences such as drops or vibration do not affect their function and they are dust and water protected (IP54, IP65, IP67). The devices can also be used in extreme temperatures (-35 °C to 55 °C) and are therefore suitable for use in freezer areas.

The inner workings of SH industrial computers can be flexibly designed. You have the choice between a Dual-Core and a Quad-Core processor. Also the operating system can be chosen according to your needs. With Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Linux, and optionally Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Android, there is a wide range of operating systems to choose from. The software can also be extended with options such as RFID Legic, UHF readers, etc. There are WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 available and the devices have numerous interfaces to integrate them without much effort.

Whether you use the equipment on a mobile or stationary basis, or use it for machine control, access control, or goods/pallet identification, etc., with the Soredi SH Series industrial computers, you choose stability, smart design, and high adaptability.