SOTI MobiControl Software

  • all-embracing: one platform for all mobile devices, operating systems and applications
  • secure: seamless security for all mobile devices and endpoints
  • straightforward: simplifies deployment and management of devices, apps and content

Juggling a large number of different types of mobile devices, operating systems and applications within a business can be a real challenge. This is why SOTI has created an overarching enterprise mobility management platform which brings all threads together. SOTI MobiControl offers a business solution for simplified management and significantly improved security of complex mobility infrastructures across the enterprise.

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SOTI MOBICONTROL EMM SOLUTION: Connecting all Areas of Business Mobility in One Platform

Regardless of how many mobile devices are used across the enterprise, SOTI MobiControl reaches into all areas of business mobility. This unique EMM solution is at the heart of the mobility related infrastructure within the enterprise. It affects the deployment and management of devices, the management of applications and content and includes the protection of hard- and software as well as business critical data.

Deployment and configuration of devices:

  • Fast and easy setup with predefined parameters and application packages based on the user roll or geographic location and in accordance with corporate mobility policies
  • SOTI MobiControl Stage for ultra-fast enrollment and integration based on manufacturer enrollment solutions, e.g. Apple DEP, Samsung KME, Android zero-touch enrollment, Windows Autopilot, Zebra StageNow
  • Auto configuration of connectivity options (3G/4G, WiFi, VPN etc.)

Device and application management:

  • Device monitoring
  • Device tracking
  • Polygon-based geofencing
  • Control of internet access (Web Filter Policy), data volume and telephony
  • Release or lock of defined telephone numbers
  • Kiosk mode
  • Organizing of apps for enhanced productivity
  • Management of device status
  • Compliance control

Effective security strategies:

  • SOTI Hub provides access control and safe management of apps, files and documents
  • SOTI Surf is a configurable mobile browser offering extended security settings
  • Real-time malware protection
  • Access control
  • Strong passwords
  • Latest encryption standards
  • Separation of corporate and private content
  • Enterprise FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
  • Remote locking of devices


  • BlitFire 10X remote maintenance technology

SOTI MobiControl provides one solution for the entire enterprise mobility architecture enabling an intelligent and secure interaction of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, scanners etc., and their seamless integration into the company’s IT structure. SOTI MobiControl is suitable for Windows, Android, Apple and Linux operating systems. The powerful EMM solution can be complemented with additional tools, for example, SOTI Assist for remote troubleshooting and problem-solving or SOTI Snap for the uncomplicated development of custom apps.