SOTI XSight Software

  • preventive: identify potential problems before they occur
  • clever: find the underlying problems of performance issues
  • solution-oriented: tools for remote troubleshooting and real-time support

As part of the SOTI ONE platform, XSight provides comprehensive insight into your enterprise’s mobile operations and the tools to optimize them. The out-of-the-box solution enables IT staff to remotely check and improve the performance of mobile devices as if they actually held them in their hands. They are able to identify the root of critical problems and resolve them quickly. The SOTI XSight solution minimizes costs and maximizes the ROI of your mobile devices by ensuring that they keep running smoothly.

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SOTI XSIGHT: Diagnostic Intelligence

“X-ray” and optimize your mobile operations with SOTI XSight:

-Diagnostics Tools: XSight provides complete visibility of the entire mobile device pool. A single device can be selected (device spotlight) and its data be analyzed by accessing log files, running scripts and downloading files.

-Automated Monitoring: Set up customized metrics and receive notifications if inconsistencies occur.

-Operational Intelligence: What is the cause of rapid battery drain? SOTI XSight provides information about battery condition, e. g. charge and discharge cycles, temperatures etc. Make necessary adjustments in order to extend battery life and replace batteries with poor performance. Which apps consume too much storage space? Analyze data and storage use of apps and decide whether they are necessary or can be removed. Why is there no sufficient cellular coverage? Heat maps allow a geographic view of cellular coverage and help you choose the best provider for the area.

-Incident Management Tools: Help desk staff are able to provide real-time support by viewing and controlling mobile devices remotely. They can troubleshoot and solve issues as if the device were in their hands. Also, it is possible to remotely draw on the device screen in order to enable users to resolve the problem themselves without lengthy explanations. Support technicians or IT staff can create tickets, take screenshots and device data snapshots or make voice and video recordings.

Put your mobile devices to optimal use: The SOTI XSight software is available as on-premise or cloud solution. All sorts of Android devices, smartphones, tablet computers, rugged devices and wearables, can be integrated. Enterprises applying mobile devices and using the SOTI MobiControl EMM software can benefit from this powerful operational diagnostics solution. XSight ensures full transparency regarding the functioning of all mobile devices used across the organization. Based on this extensive information, not only can mobile workflows be optimized, but it is also possible to plan ahead and make wise decisions on future investments.