Unitech HT380 Mobile Computers

  • premium: high-performance scan engine for 1D and 2D codes
  • wireless: integrated WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS
  • efficient: ergonomic shape with 32-key backlit keypad for one-hand use
  • convenient:2” touch screen
  • robust: protected against abrasion, 1.5 m drop resistance, IP65

The Unitech HT380 handheld terminal provides a versatile mobile computing solution for warehousing, manufacturing or retail environments. It comes with a powerful scan engine to ensure precise digital data capture. An octa-core processor ensures reliable data processing. The mobile terminal is equipped with various wireless connectivity options. The robust device is ready for everyday use in challenging environments and enhances the productivity of working processes.

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UNITECH HT380: Ergonomic Handheld Terminal for Enhanced Data Capture and Processing

The Android-based mobile computer HT380 by Unitech comes with a Qualcomm octa-core processor and runs the Android 9 operating system. 16 GB memory capacity can be extended by up to 128 GB via MicroSD/TF card. The compact computer terminal is equipped with dual-band WiFi supporting fast roaming and it comes with Bluetooth 4.2, GPS and NFC. Wireless connectivity ensures fast and dependable data transfer as well as voice communication. Particularly loud speakers (105 dB) allow voice communication even in noisy environments such as shop floors.

For seamless integration, straightforward deployment and uncomplicated operation as well as management, the Unitech HT380 provides a set of software solutions: MobiLink, StageGo, Startup, File Manager, Unitech API, uNote.

Digital data collection immensely accelerates processes and contributes to higher efficiency. The handheld terminal Unitech HT380 comes with a high-performance SE4710 scan engine to capture 1D and 2D codes. It can capture barcodes from near contact to 60 cm. Because of the wide field of view, large codes and multiple codes can be scanned. Three easy-to-reach scan buttons and a 45°-angled scan window together with the ergonomic shape of the HT380 ensure convenient operation. A comfortable hand strap is included. For documentation purposes, the HT380 mobile computer is also equipped with an 8-megapixel rear camera.

The Unitech HT380 handheld provides a 3.2-inch highly sensitive color touch screen. It can be used with gloves and it remains sensitive to touch when it gets wet. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Additionally, the HT380 comes with a backlit 32-key keypad. It enables convenient manual data input even in dark environments.

Because of its durable design, the mobile terminal HT380 by Unitech ensures a long service life. The materials used for casing and keypad are resistant against abrasion. The device survives drops from a height of 1.5 m. It is also protected against the ingress of dust and water complying with protection class IP65. Operation temperature ranges from -20 °C to +50 °C. A powerful 4500 mAh battery ensures energy for up to 10 hours covering more than a shift. The battery is user-replaceable.

For a smooth and efficient workflow in areas, where mobile computing and accurate data acquisition are essential, the Unitech HT380 provides a powerful long-term solution.