Unitech MS852B/MS852B+Barcode Scanner

  • wireless: Bluetooth connectivity
  • flexible: general purpose (MS852B) or high-performance (MS852B+) imager
  • powerful: long-lasting battery
  • safe: batch mode, 7.5 MB internal storage
  • rugged:1 m drop resistance, high-durability trigger

The rugged barcode readers MS852B and MS852B+ by Unitech provide a versatile solution for wireless data collection. While the MS852B general purpose scanner is suitable for basic 1D and 2D barcode reading, the MS852B+ provides a high-performance megapixel sensor for a wide spectrum of applications, for example in the retail, logistics, manufacturing or warehousing sectors. Besides all major 1D and 2D barcode symbologies, the MS852B+ also captures DotCode and Digimarc codes and is OCR enabled. Both scanners are extremely durable and ready for challenging tasks.

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UNITECH MS852B/MS852B+: Cordless Multi-purpose Barcode Scanners

Advanced data capture ensures more productive processes. The Unitech MS852 series provides a range of barcode readers for a large bandwidth of applications. The cordless models MS852B and MS852B+ offer high mobility for workers who need to be on the move. Bluetooth capability enables wireless connection to the included cradle and to other Bluetooth devices. It provides a radio range of up to 100 m. If the device is taken out of range, captured barcodes are stored on the barcode reader. It is also possible to capture barcodes in batch mode and transfer the data later on. The scanners provide a storage capacity of 7.5 MB, enough for up to 590,000 barcodes.

The barcode readers MS852B and MS852B+ by Unitech come with a cradle to enable hands-free presentation scanning. The cradle will switch between handheld and presentation mode automatically.

Data capture is perfectly easy with the MS852B and MS852B+ barcode readers. They provide point-and-shoot simplicity and are equipped with a long-lifecycle trigger ensuring an extended service life. The mobile handheld scanners read codes from paper or screens and are able to capture barcodes in any condition. The user receives clear visual, acoustic and haptic good-read feedback.

The MS852B+, with its megapixel sensor, enables sophisticated data capture. A high-performance 2D imager enables the capture of 1D and 2D codes as well as DotCode and Digimarc. It also supports OCR. Depending on the code, the MS852B+ allows scan distances from 2.9 cm to 80 cm. The MS852B+ is suitable for a wide field of application, from retail to various industrial sectors.

Capture all common 1D and 2D barcodes with the MS852B general purpose barcode reader. The reading range is between 3.8 cm and 49.5 cm. Even barcodes of poor quality can be captured. The MS852B is ideal for POS applications, for inventory or other basic data acquisition tasks.

The Unitech MS852B and MS852B+ barcode readers are made for a long service life. The devices are particularly sturdy and survive drops from a height of 2.1 m. Their long-lifecycle trigger is ready for 10 million actuations. The barcode scanners are equipped with a powerful replaceable battery, enabling battery runtimes of up to 25 hour per charge (MS852B+) or even 40 hours per charge (MS852B).

The Unitech MS852 barcode scanner series also comprises corded versions and a long-range model. For more information, please refer to Unitech MS852/MS852+ and Unitech MS852 LR/MS852B LR.