Unitech MS852LR Barcode Scanner

  • flexible: corded (MS852 LR) or cordless version (MS852B LR) available
  • excellent: read range from 7.6 cm to 21 m
  • fast: up to 55 fps
  • versatile: read 1D, 2D, DotCode and support OCR
  • sturdy:8 m drop resistance (2.1 m with case), IP42, long-lifecycle trigger

The barcode reader series MS852 by Unitech excels in robustness and was built for challenging environments. The two models MS852 LR and MS852B LR are equipped with a high-performance long-range imager. They allow scan distances of up to 21 m and enable the capture of 1D, 2D and DotCode as well as OCR. The MS852 LR is the corded version, the MS852B LR is equipped with Bluetooth for cordless operation. Fast and accurate data capture is vital for efficient working procedures. The rugged Unitech handheld barcode readers MS852 LR and MS852B LR are ideal tools for enhanced processes.

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UNITECH MS852 LR/MS852B LR: High-performance long-range imagers for industrial environments

With the long-range barcode scanners MS852 LR and MS852B LR, even barcodes on the top shelf can be reached conveniently. The robust handheld scanners are made for industrial use, e.g. for the application in warehouses or outdoor storage areas as well as for manufacturing environments. The extended reading range from 7.6 cm to 21 m contributes to higher efficiency.

The Unitech MS852 LR/MS852B LR barcode readers can capture barcodes from paper or displays. They read all common 1D and 2D codes as well as DotCode. The two scanners additionally provide optical character recognition (OCR). The high-resolution megapixel sensor allows reading rates of up to 55 fps and has a high motion tolerance. Even poorly printed, stained or damaged barcodes can be captured correctly.

For user-friendly operation, the Unitech MS852 LR/MS852B LR handheld scanners are ergonomically designed to prevent fatigue and they are easy to use. Because of their loud beeper and bright LEDs for good-read confirmation, they are suitable for noisy industrial environments. The barcode readers can be used in handheld mode and, if used with the hands-free stand accessory, in presentation mode as well.

Industrial environments require rugged equipment. The Unitech MS852 LR and MS852B LR are extremely robust. They are resistant against drops from a height of 1.8 m, if protected by a rubber case even from 2.1 m to concrete. The trigger is one of the vulnerable components, which is why the MS852 LR and MS852B LR barcode readers are equipped with a long-lifecycle trigger, designed for as many as 10,000,000 actuations.

The Unitech MS852 series also comprises corded and cordless standard-range imagers. For more information, please refer to Unitech MS852/MS852+ and Unitech MS852B/MS852B+.