Zebra DS2200-HC Series Barcode Scanner

  • precise: high-performance barcode scanning
  • easy: out-of-the-box application, intuitive use
  • safe: WiFi-friendly mode for trouble-free Bluetooth use
  • adaptable: silent good-read indicator
  • long-lasting: power for up to 14 hours (cordless model)

The barcode scanner series DS2200-HC by Zebra is purpose-made for healthcare environments. Depending on the application area, for example, patient admission, laboratory or patient bedside, it is possible to choose between a corded and a cordless model. The devices are suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas, as they can be cleaned with disinfectants on a regular basis. Point-and-shoot simplicity, an innovative aiming technology and clear feedback ensure a perfectly easy use of the DS2200-HC series’ barcode readers. Accurate data capturing guarantees improved working procedures and best possible patient safety.

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ZEBRA DS2200-HC SERIES: Corded or Cordless Barcode Readers for Healthcare Areas

With the Zebra DS2200-HC series handheld barcode readers, it is possible to suit different healthcare environments in a cost-effective way. In some areas, where high mobility is absolutely necessary, the cordless model DS2278-HC presents the ideal solution. Long battery runtimes of up to 14 hours ensure optimal usability during an entire shift. The barcode scanner can be used, wherever mobility is required, for example on medical carts or at the patient’s bedside. On the other hand, administrative areas or laboratories are well equipped with a stationary, corded model DS2208-HC. Both versions read any 1D and 2D barcode symbology that is commonly used in healthcare. The scanners switch automatically into handheld or hands-free presentation mode.

The barcode scanners of the Zebra DS2200-HC series provide first-rate performance. Zebra’s new aiming technology ensures intuitive use of the handheld scanners. The DataCapture DNA platform by Zebra includes productivity applications. PRZM Intelligent Imaging, for example, is a software tool for enhanced barcode scanning performance. It enables first-time capture even of poor-quality barcodes and increases process productivity.

Made for healthcare environments, the Zebra DS2200-HC barcode readers come with a disinfectant-ready casing. They can be cleaned with harsh chemicals regularly to inhibit the spread of bacteria and ensure highest hygiene standards in medical environments. In some healthcare areas, a particularly low noise level is required. This is why the DS2200-HC handheld scanners are equipped with Zebra’s Direct Decode Indicator, an LED projection on the barcode that confirms a successfully performed scan without a sound.

The handheld barcode scanners DS2208-HC (corded) and DS2278-HC (cordless) by Zebra can be deployed in no time. The most frequently used healthcare applications are already pre-configured and the right host interface is selected automatically. Supported host interfaces are: USB, RS-232, Keyboard Wedge and TGCS (IBM) 46XX via RS-485. The cordless barcode reader DS2278-HC is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 Class 2 and can be easily connected to and controlled by other Bluetooth-enabled devices, for example, PCs, tablets or smartphones. Thanks to the WiFi-friendly mode included in the DataCapture DNA, the scanners will not interfere with other devices connected to the network. The wireless barcode scanner can be charged within one hour via Micro USB cable or alternatively by putting it into the optional presentation cradle. The device can then be used while charging.

Because of their robust design, the barcode readers of the DS2200-HC series by Zebra are ideally suited for hectic clinic environments. They can withstand drops from a height of 1.5 m to concrete. They are also protected against the ingress of dust and liquids in accordance with protection class IP52.