Zebra DS2200 Series Barcode Scanner

  • easy: omnidirectional scanning, point and shoot scanning
  • fast: high read rate (up to 76,2 cm / second)
  • direct: easy to deploy, auto-host-recognition, 1-step-Bluetooth-connection
  • economic: low cost acquisition, backward compatibility of cables (LS2208 series), extremely long-life battery
  • versatile: wide range of software applications for easy handling and management

"Simplicity" is the keyword: simple configuration, easy to use, easy to manage. The brand new Zebra handheld scanner series, the DS2200 series, is unmatched when it comes to quick-delivery, uncomplicated integration and intuitive operation of the devices. 1D and 2D barcodes are reliably read from paper or screen. The DS2200 series offers two models: the DS2208 is a corded variant and the DS2278 is a cordless barcode scanner. Scanning has never been so simple and at a particularly attractive price.

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ZEBRA DS2200 Series: Ready, steady, go!

Unpack the handheld scanner from the Zebra DS2200 series and use it right out of the box without any further installations. With smart software applications, Zebra ensures fast configuration by scanning a single barcode. Standard settings are already predefined so that even users without experience can operate the device smoothly. With the auto-host recognition cable, the scanner is automatically detected and integrated into existing POS systems. In just one step, the wireless model (DS2278) can be connected to a PC, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. The Imager can be controlled and managed with Android, Windows or iOS-based devices, even from a distance.

Even those who have never worked with a scanner can easily use the DS2200 handheld scanner. The simple point-and-shoot principle is supported by a high scanning range (1.23 cm to 36.8 cm) and a target-line which allows the user to select the optimal distance for reading the barcode. It is not necessary to hold the scanner straight because codes can be detected omnidirectionally. Even damaged or contaminated barcodes are decoded directly and reliably for the first time. When a scan is completed successfully, the user receives an optical feedback. Reliability combined with a high reading speed ensures more efficient work and reduces waiting times for your customers. Optionally the scanner of the DS2200 series can be used as a hand scanner or as a presentation scanner. The modes can change automatically.

The DS2278 is the wireless variant of the DS2200 series from Zebra. The highlight is the strong, long-lasting battery. With a fully charged battery, 14 hours can be worked continuously. Up to 100,000 scans can be done with a single battery charge. The rechargeable battery can be charged within one hour via a micro USB cable or socket. In the presentation cradle it is possible to use the hand scanner and recharge at the same time (charging time: 4 hours).

Conclusion: If you are looking for an uncomplicated scanner model that is suitable for a wide range of applications, from retailers to the hospitality industry, transport and logistics, to government agencies and banks, you have found a simple and economical solution with the DS2200-series from Zebra.