Zebra DS3600 Series Barcode Scanner

The Zebra 3600 series consists of a range of 6 ultra-tough barcode scanners covering all sorts of business needs. Operational procedures, from receipt of goods to shipment, can be conveniently handled with one scanner. Choose a version corresponding to your individual business needs: 1D (LI), Standard Range (SR), High Performance (HP), High Density (HD), Direct Part Marking (DP), Extended Range (ER). All models are available as corded or as cordless version. Enhance productivity under the most challenging circumstances – the Zebra 3600 series barcode scanners are up to it.

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  • (almost) unbreakable: extremely rugged design
  • powerful: highest scanning performance, fastest scanning speed
  • diverse: 6 different models available, corded or cordless

The Zebra 3600 series was developed to meet the exceptional requirements of the various industrial settings. Thus, all components are made of top-quality materials and are constructed to deal with the roughest of environments, even extremely high or low temperatures (temperature range: corded models – 30 °C to 50 °C; cordless models – 20 °C to 50 °C). The scanners are built to withstand several drops from a height of up to 2.4 m to concrete. They are dust-proof, jet-proof and can even be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes (IP67).

Fast and reliable performance is crucial for smooth working procedures. Depending on the model, the Zebra 3600 handheld scanners read 1D and 2D barcodes off labels as well as off screens. Even barcodes of exceedingly poor quality or barcodes under shrink foil do not present a problem. Aiming precisely at a barcode from a pick list is totally easy. Additionally, the Zebra 3600 series scanners are able to capture and process as many as 20 barcodes at the same time.

Zebra provides leading-edge software tools for comfortable management and use of the DS3600 series barcode scanners.

All cordless versions come with a smart battery to ensure ultra-long power supply. With a fully charged battery, more than 70,000 barcodes can be scanned. The devices are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) Class I (radio range: minimum 100 m in open air) which enables communication at cyberspeed. To avoid interference with existing Wi-Fi networks the Zebra 3600 series cordless barcode scanners feature a Wi-Fi friendly mode. LEDs permanently indicate connectivity and battery status. The sealed rugged cradle complies with protection class IP65.

Zebra 3600 series ultra-rugged scanners: (3608 = corded version; 3678 = cordless version)

LI3608/LI3678: extraordinary near-field 1D barcode scanning
DS3608-SR/DS3678-SR: Standard Range 1D/2D barcode scanning
DS3608-HP/DS3678-HP: High Performance 1D/2D barcode scanning, OCR, photo and document capture
DS3608-HD/DS3678-HD: High Definition 1D/2D barcodes including extremely dense codes
DS3608-DP/DS3678-DP: Direct Part Marking (DPM), 1D/2D barcodes, with adjustable illumination to capture marks on any kind of surface
DS3608-ER/DS3678-ER: Extended Range, 1D/2D scanning, unbeatable scanning range: from 7.6 cm to 21.4 m

Technical specification

Product Category Barcode Scanners
Category Handheld Scanners
Manufacturer Zebra
Scan Technology 1D Imager|2D Imager|DPM
Interface USB, Seriel, KBW, WLAN, Bluetooth
Colour Options black-green
Sealing IP67
Operating Temperature -30C° to 50°C
Display No


Datasheet Zebra 3608SR 3678SR (EN) Datasheet Zebra LI3608 LI3678 (EN) Datasheet Zebra DS3608HP DS3678HP (EN) Datasheet Zebra DS3608HD DS3678HD (EN) Datasheet Zebra DS3608ER DS3678ER (EN) Datasheet Zebra DS3608DP DS3678DP (EN)


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