Zebra DS457 Barcode Scanner

  • fast: creates an immense pensum through fast processor and state-of-the-art scanner technology
  • multi-faceted: different models for individual adaptation
  • uncomplicated: omnidirectional scanning in the presentation or trigger mode

So small that they can be placed almost invisibly and so powerful that they increase productivity enormously - these are the Zebra DS457 Series barcode scanners. Depending on the model they decode 1D and 2D barcodes as well as HD codes and DPM from any material, including PC or handheld displays. Wherever time matters from the airport gate to the conveyor belt in parts production, the tiny scanner can score with its extremely fast scanning speed.

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ZEBRA DS457-SERIES: Small but Powerful

The fast-paced 624 MHz processor, an extremely fast sensor and the patent-pending fast-pulse illumination ensure acceleration. There is no longer a break between the scans, but one barcode after the other can be read fluently in record time. The Zebra DS457 scanners are tiny (2.92 x 5.84 x 6.2 cm) and can be easily installed anywhere, whether at the checkout, under the desk, in a narrow production cell or for access control at events or at the airport. In addition it is possible to integrate the small devices, for example in self-service units.

With the DS457 Series Zebra has designed a scanner series that is particularly easy to use. The barcode scanners can be used in the presentation mode to have the hands free. Alternatively they can also be used manually in trigger mode. The barcode does not have to be aligned, because the devices scan omnidirectionally and with the bright, clear target point they are intuitive to use. Thanks to the appealing design, the small appliances fit perfectly into a chic environment.

Various models allow individual adaptation to different industries:

  • DS457-SR: standard ranges, 1D, 2D barcodes; universally usable
  • DS457-HD: high density, 1D, 2D barcodes; for particularly small and dense codes
  • DS457-DP: 1D, 2D bar codes, DPM (direct part marking)

To simplify the setup and for easy usage of the DS457 Series, Zebra offers smart software solutions.

The small barcode scanners of the Zebra DS457 Series – wherever they are used, they make a good job. Very unobtrusive and enormously powerful, they significantly increase the efficiency of workflows.