Zebra DS4800 Barcode Scanner

  • exceptional: exclusive design
  • precise: 1D, 2D barcodes
  • individual: by request, colored, patterned, with own logo design

Stylish, aesthetic, different - the Zebra DS4800 is a barcode scanner that is not only designed for functionality. The elegant design fits perfectly into classic interiors but also fits into a very modern environment. With the Zebra DS4800, you can prove style without sacrificing outstanding scanning performance and reliability. The proven Zebra quality guarantees top technology, fast data acquisition and longevity of the devices.

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Zebra DS4800: Set Accents

Your business is the sign for your brand. The Zebra DS4800 barcode scanner is available in alpine white or midnight black, but can also be customized according to customer requirements. For example, add a colored or patterned cover or add your own company logo. Even for the acoustic feedback a separate melody can be created. The Zebra DS4800 integrates itself subtly into its environment and forms a chic accessory for an attractive point-of-sale.

The interior life of the DS4800 from Zebra is also very attractive. Thanks to state-of-the-art PRZM scanning technology, the progressive hand scanner sets new standards in precision and speed. The DS4800 reads 1D and 2D barcodes from labels and displays. Even very dense or even damaged barcodes or barcodes behind foil are no problem for the DS4800. In addition, with the Zebra DS4800 document capture is possible.

The ergonomic, trendy arch form of the DS4800 scanner from Zebra makes the work with the device particularly pleasant. It has a new capacitive touch trigger, which is activated by brief tapping, pressing or wiping. The scan field is clearly defined by an LED target point to make the reading of codes as easy and fast as possible. The user receives a clear feedback after scanning: haptic (vibration), optical (light signal), or acoustically (selection of different tones or own jingle). The DS4800 can be used as a handheld scanner and with the optionally available smart holder it can also be turned into a practical presentation scanner. Switching between modes is automatic.

The Zebra DS4800 is already preconfigured and therefore very fast installed and ready to use. Thanks to the clever software solutions of Zebra, the barcode scanner can also be managed very easily.

The unique barcode scanner DS4800 enhances your POS environment, read barcodes effortlessly and accurately and increases the feel-good factor in shopping for your customers.