Zebra DS7708 Barcode Scanner

  • durable: rugged case through IP52 rating class
  • user-friendly: due to internal LEDs especially gentle to
  • flexible: other handheld devices can be connected through USB port
  • fast: largest field of view reduces the scan time

The DS7708 from Zebra is a 2D "Vertical Slot Scanner" and convinces with its user-friendliness in addition to its compact size. A powerful barcode scanner built for retail. Latest technologies make this scanner a reliable supporter in cash areas.

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ZEBRA DS7708: All-round Scanner for POS

The DS7708 barcode scanner easily reads 1D and 2D bar codes. Whether the codes are as printed form of a coupon or electronic form – such as tablets or smartphones. The device can read even filthy or damaged bar codes. Manual input or repeated scanning is a thing of the past. This increases productivity in the company and shortens workflows.

The IP52 protection class as well as the scan window offset inward, provide less vulnerability and make the scanner very robust and ensure a longer lifetime. Important connectors and components are stowed in the upper part of the scanner to protect them from dirt and damage.

The standard interfaces USB, RS-232 and Keyboard Wedge make the scanner an all-rounder at work in different application areas.

Relevant features:

  • Reading speed: 254 cm / s
  • Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C
  • large scanning window: 14.3 cm H x 14.9 cm W x 9.7 cm