Zebra DS8100 Healthcare Series Barcode Scanner

  • mobile: optional wireless version
  • safe: integrated Green-Spot Technology
  • reliable: long battery life up to 65.000 scans per charge

Especially in the area of health care is the right patient care in the first place. The new DS8100-HC series helps optimize daily processes and increase productivity. Often, it depends on every second. Your patients expect a smooth procedure and trained staff. This Zebra Healthcare Series is the right support for your employees.

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ZEBRA DS8100 HEALTHCARE SERIES: Scanners for better Coverage in the Healthcare Sector

The new DS8100-Healthcare scanner series is equipped with a slim design and fits therefore optimally in the hand. Due to the missing cable, the DS8108-HC is fast and mobile at any location ready for use. The cable-bound model is the DS878-HC. Both devices can be easily connected to a PC or other Bluetooth enabled devices. Integrated in just a few seconds, these scanners can be operated immediately for non-professionals.

For a quiet and patient-friendly use, you can choose a flexible confirmation signal. In night mode, the scanners vibrate easily and can be used anywhere. Your employees can do their work easily and the patients do not feel disturbed.

Zebras PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology ensures fast and accurate data acquisition. The codes are read correctly and transmitted in real time. The interfaces Bluetooth and USB help with the transmission of the data and the coupling to a PC, a tablet or a mobile computer.