Zebra DS8100 Series Barcode Scanner

  • versatile: captures 1D, 2D codes, Digimarc and whole documents
  • high-resolution: megapixel sensor
  • smart: PRZM Intelligent Imaging Platform

This is where a powerful microprocessor, high-resolution sensor and the latest Zebra technology meet: The Zebra DS8100 series provides you fantastic scanning performance. The handheld scanner of the DS8100 series is able to read barcodes of poor quality or particularly dense codes as well as barcodes of displays completely correctly. There is a cable-connected model (DS8108) and a wireless model (DS8178).

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ZEBRA DS8100 SERIES: Small Design – Great Achievement

The barcode scanner of the DS8100 series is hard to beat at speed and hit rate. Not least thanks to the PRZM technology, which optimizes the barcode quality and takes over some of the tasks of the decoder, Zebra has the lead. Barcodes are quickly and reliably read and processed.

Zebra’s DS8100 series imagers can decode 1D and 2D bar codes, as well as import complete documents. In addition, the DS8100 series supports Digimarc, the latest barcode technology. MDF (Multi-Code Data Formatting) makes it possible to scan several barcodes at the same time and after scan select them individually. The handheld scanner of the Zebra DS8100 series is extremely versatile and forward-looking.

Easy management of the devices is another plus of the DS8100 series. They can be controlled via tablet, smartphone or PC (Android, iOs, Windows). The software applications are simple and facilitate management and application of the scanners.

The use of the handheld scanner of the DS8100 series is very simple. A range of up to 61 cm and a bright target point make the reading into child’s play. If the code was successfully scanned, the user receives a clear optical feedback. Even a fall is no problem for the devices, as they are built especially sturdily. They have protection class IP42.

Optimal customer care through state-of-the-art processes, outstanding performance and uncomplicated handling – that’s the Zebra’s DS8100 series.