Zebra DS9900 Series for Labs Barcode Scanner

  • vielseitig: als Handscanner oder Präsentationsscanner, für die Erfassung von Barcodes und Dokumenten
  • präzise: hochauflösender Megapixel-Sensor für winzige Barcodes und Codes mit hoher Informationsdichte
  • flexibel: zwei Modelle: Standard und RFID
  • clever: intelligente Software-Lösungen für optimale Nutzung
  • betriebsbereit: auspacken und sofort nutzen

The Zebra DS9900 barcode scanner series was particularly developed for the application in laboratory environments. It consists of two models: the DS9908 standard model and DS9908R model, which additionally provides RFID reading and writing capabilities. The use in laboratories involves special challenges for barcode scanners. The DS9900 by Zebra is a purpose-built barcode scanner series to meet the specific requirements of this application field and ensures high accuracy and smooth working procedures.

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ZEBRA DS9900 SERIES for Labs: Barcode Scanner Series Especially Designed for Laboratory Tasks

  • versatile: handheld or hands-free modes, capture barcodes and documents
  • precise: high-resolution megapixel sensor reads tiny, high-density codes
  • flexible: two models available: standard or RFID
  • smart: intelligent software solutions for optimal use
  • ready: out-of-the-box usability for common applications

The barcode scanners of the DS9900 series by Zebra capture 1D and 2D barcodes and support OCR. The series was designed to enhance processes in laboratories, for example, by enabling the tracking of medical products or specimen samples. A high-performance sensor allows the capture of particularly small and high-density barcodes which are common in laboratory and medical environments. Labels on tiny vials are strongly curved and difficult to read for conventional barcode scanners. The DS9900 series was created for such challenges and reads such barcodes at first pass. Even extremely small barcodes on specimen slides do not present a problem, nor do poor-quality or damaged barcodes. The DS9900 series also supports securPharm labels. Due to Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, practically any barcode, also digital barcodes, can be read and processed.

It is possible to use the barcode readers of the Zebra DS9900 series as hand scanners or in presentation mode. The devices are optimized for both and due to motion recognition, they switch modes automatically. In presentation mode, the scan range is reduced to avoid inadvertent capture of nearby barcodes. In handheld mode, in turn, the extended scan range enables the convenient acquisition of barcodes at a further distance. The ergonomic design and an adjustable stand contribute to a smooth workflow and comfortable use of the purpose-built barcode scanner series.

High swipe speeds of up to 610 cm per second ensure efficient procedures. The Zebra DS9900 series’ barcode readers are equipped with MDF (Multi-code Data Formatting), enabling the scanners to capture multiple barcodes at a time and then select and transmit only those required for the application. On the other hand, it is also possible to single out one particular barcode so that it is unnecessary to cover nearby barcodes to prevent unintentional scanning. Intelligent software solutions ensure optimal usability, clear barcode capture and uncomplicated management of the DS9900 barcode scanners. There are SDKs for Windows, iOS, Android or Linux operating systems available.

The corded barcode scanners of the Zebra DS9900 series are available as standard version or with RFID reading and writing functionalities. The RFID model is able to read multiple tags simultaneously and to capture tags without visual contact. It includes an RFID data conversion software that transforms RFID data into standard barcode data so that no modification of existing applications is required.

To ensure a long life cycle and excellent performance, the Zebra DS9900 series’ barcode scanners are particularly robust. They can withstand drops from a height of up to 1.5 m (RFID model: 1.2 m). Due to the single-board construction, the devices are less vulnerable. The imagers of the Zebra DS9900 series are also sealed against the ingress of dust and water complying with protection class IP52 (RFID model: IP42).

The scanners of the Zebra DS9900 series are an ideal solution for uncomplicated use in laboratories. They are already pre-configured for the most frequently used applications and they automatically recognize the host interface. Unpack and immediately use the Zebra DS9900 series’ scanners to streamline processes in laboratory environments.