• fast:300+ tags/s
  • impressive: large read range, max. range up to 30.5 m
  • versatile: Wi-Fi 6, 5G, GPS, Bluetooth 5.3, IoT connector, GPIO interface
  • flexible: several power supply options
  • rugged: IP65 and IP67, -40 °C to +65 °C, sealed M12 connectors
  • flexible: internal or external antennas or mixed operation

By means of a well-planned RFID system, assets such as raw materials, products, vehicles, or returnable transport objects can be managed, located, and tracked in real time. Zebra’s ultra-rugged and powerful FXR90 series’ RFID readers enable high-speed data capture. They can be used in indoor and outdoor areas and are suitable for large-scale RFID infrastructures. RFID capture ensures up-to-date system data and maximum transparency at any time. The FXR90 series offers an optimal solution for the transport and logistics sector as well as for applications in production and warehouses.

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ZEBRA FXR90 SERIES: Powerful RFID Readers for Industrial RFID Infrastructures

RFID readers for industrial applications: The Zebra FXR90 series consists of two stationary RFID reader models that enable flexible configuration. They capture RFID data at a read rate of over 1.300 tags per second. The high-performance RFID readers can be used to equip large areas such as warehouses and production halls. The robust devices are also ideal for outdoor storage areas. The nominal read range for the model with integrated antenna is 16.7 m, the write/encode range is 4.5 m. Depending on the RFID tags used and the device configuration, a read range of up to 30.5 m can even be achieved. The FXR90 series’ RFID readers are suitable for automated systems, for example in manufacturing or in warehouses. With the IoT connector, data from cloud enabled IoT devices is provided using modern, secure protocols.

Integrated wireless technology: To ensure uncomplicated integration and use, the RFID readers of the FXR90 series are equipped with Wi-Fi 6 (MU-MIMO, fast roaming) as well as with 5G cellular (1 nano SIM, 1 eSIM) and GPS. They also provide Bluetooth 5.3.

CPU: The FXR90 RFID devices are equipped with the quad-core i.MX8 Mini Cortex-A53 processor from NXP and provide 2 GB RAM and 16 GB flash memory. They are Linux-based and include security protocols and encryption options.

Robust and adaptable hardware: The FXR90 RFID readers are protected against the ingress of dirt, dust, and water in accordance with protection classes IP65 and IP67 as well as against salt spray. They can be used within a temperature range between -40 °C and +65 °C. For outdoor applications, sealed M12 connectors are provided. Available power supply options: AC/DC (protection class IP67), DC/DC (protection class IP67), standard AC/DC for indoor areas, option for connection to electrical panels or vehicle batteries, power supply via Ethernet cable (PoE/PoE+).

FXR90 series’ models:

With integrated RFID antenna: equipped with a Zebra proprietary RFID antenna for fast and easy deployment. 4 external antennas can be retrofitted to extend the read range.

Without integrated RFID antenna: equipped with 4 or 8 external RP-TNC antenna ports. It provides more flexibility and enables an extended read range.

All versions are available with or without flush mount brackets. VESA mount options (e. g. universal or articulating VESA mount) can be used according to needs.

Ports: 2 x USB Host, USB Client, GPIO (4 inputs/4 outputs)