Zebra HD4000 Head-Mounted Display

  • excellent: clear display, can be used with prescription glasses, weighs less than 30 g
  • versatile: color display, integrated 5 MP camera and microphone
  • uncomplicated: simple deployment and integration with SDK and APIs, no battery, no staging


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ZEBRA HD4000: Head-Mounted Display

Modern technologies provide opportunities: With the see-through display HD4000 from Zebra, workers can be immediately equipped with all the information required for their job. They do not need to take any additional devices to hand. Needed data is displayed directly on the small screen in front of their eyes. The advantages: no interruption of motion sequences, rapid processing of tasks, real-time information flow, visual documentation of workflows, hands-free operations.

Comfortable use: The HD4000 smart display from Zebra weighs less than 30 grams so that wearers hardly notice the device. The sharp and high-contrast color display is clearly legible. In order to prevent strain on the eyes, the frame mount can be changed from the left eye to the right in no time and the inter-pupillary distance can be adjusted. When not in use, the HD4000 can be simply flipped up. It is possible to attach the display to prescription glasses.

Created for enterprise requirements: The HD4000 head-mounted display can be integrated quickly and effortlessly even on a large scale. To facilitate integration, Zebra provides an Android HD4000 SDK, various APIs as well as ready-to-use Zebra Warehouse Templates. The smart device can be used with existing mobile computers that are based on Android or Windows operating systems. If required, Zebra also offers corresponding wearable computers, for example the WT6000 (Link). The HD4000 is connected to the host device via USB cable. Power supply as well as Wi-Fi or cellular access are provided through the host computer.

Durable: In industrial environments, warehouses or for outdoor operations robust equipment is a must. The HD4000 wearable display from Zebra is resistant to drops. It can be immersed in water and is protected against the ingress of dust (protection class IP67). The HD4000 can be used within a temperature range from -20 °C to +50 °C.