Zebra LI2208 Barcode Scanner

  • versatile: reads 1D barcodes of paper, displays, customer cards etc.
  • stable: patented construction
  • uncomplicated: high movement and angular tolerance
  • simple: detects interfaces automatically

The Zebra LI2208 is a reliable 1D barcode reader with the latest scanning technology. The ergonomic, cable-bound scanner offers a great range of flexibility as it covers a wide range of applications - from retail to bearing applications to applications in light industry. The 1D imager who can do (nearly) everything.

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ZEBRA LI2208: All-round Scanner for POS

The Zebra LI2208 offers the best scanning performance and high scanning speeds. It reads barcodes from paper labels or mobile device screens at maximum speed (547 scans per second). In addition, it is also capable of decoding codes with very high information density, such as those used in areas of transport or industrial marking.

The Zebra LI2208 is very simple to use. The intuitive point-and-shoot principle, as well as the extremely large working range and the high movement and angular tolerance, contribute to this. Depending on the size and density of the barcode, the working range is between 2.5 cm and 140 cm. With an optional holder, the barcode scanner can be used in presentation mode and automatically switches to handheld mode, if necessary.

Zebras patented single board design significantly increases the life of the devices, since no vulnerable plug-in connections are installed. The LI2208 is extremely robust. In tests it exceeded over 100 falls from 1.5 m height on concrete and even after falls from 1.8 m height was still fully functional.

If you are looking for a powerful linear barcode scanner that is versatile and comfortable to use, the Zebra LI2208 has been a great option.