Zebra MC3300x/MC3300ax Mobile Computers

  • new: MC3300ax with Wi-Fi 6 and device tracker (opt.)
  • customizable: various scan engines and form factors, 3 different keypad options
  • convenient: Android 10 or 11, upgradeable, support restricted GMS mode
  • powerful: 2.2 GHz Qualcomm SD660 CPU
  • strong: 7000 mAh high-performance battery
  • rugged:8 m drop resistance, 3,000 tumbles (1 m), IP64, -20 °C to +50 °C, Corning Gorilla Glass

Move your business forward - with the mobile computers MC3300x and MC3300ax by Zebra. The compact computer terminals provide improved performance, ruggedness and versatility for applications in warehousing or production environments. They are equipped with latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology and are highly customizable. The Zebra MC3300x and MC3300ax mobile terminals offers excellent processing power and optimized usability for enhanced operational procedures.

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ZEBRA MC3300Xx/MC3300ax: Xtra Performance

Optimized Workflows: The portable computer terminals Zebra MC3300x and MC3300ax meet the challenges of a fast-paced and demanding work environment. Their well-balanced design ensures convenient use during a whole shift. The Zebra MC3300x and MC3300ax offer flexible data entry and navigation with a 4-inch touch pad and a keypad – 47, 38 or 29 keys. The color display provides a modern user-interface. It can be operated with fingers, gloves and stylus.

Do you prefer tailor-made solutions?
Choose between 4 form factors:
Basic (MC3300x/MC3300ax): Version for general purpose use with straight-shooter for occasional barcode acquisition.
Pistol grip (MC3300x/MC3300ax): The perfect choice for scan-intensive tasks.
45°-angled scan module (MC3300x): The 45° angle provides additional convenience for frequent barcode collection.
With rotating turret: This design allows comfortable barcode scanning from any direction and is also optimal for small spaces.

Choose a scan engine that exactly suits your requirements:
SE4850 ERI (MC3300x/MC3300ax): The SE4850 ERI imager provides ultimate flexibility. It enables accurate 1D and 2D barcode reading from a distance of 7.6 cm to up to 21.4 m. One scanner for all distances – the SE4850 ERI covers short-, mid- and long-range applications. Available for: straight shooter, pistol grip.
SE4770 (MC3300x/MC3300ax): The SE4770 with laser aimer captures 1D and 2D barcodes from distances of up to 60 cm. A large sweet spot ensures utmost user-friendliness. The SE4770 is available for: straight shooter, pistol grip, 45° scanner.
SE4720 (MC3300x): The SE4720 scan engine is identical to the SE4770 but is equipped with an LED aimer instead of a laser aimer. SE4720 is available for: straight shooter, pistol grip.
SE965 (MC3300x): The SE965 is a linear barcode scanner. It captures 1D barcodes at distances of up to 4.8 m. Available for: straight shooter, pistol grip, turret.

Scanners for real-life applications: All available scan engines provide high scan performance, even if barcodes are of poor quality, stained, damaged or under shrink wrap. It is possible to scan multiple barcodes at once. Captured data is formatted automatically and sent to the appropriate applications.

Reliable Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU: The SD660 octa-core processor with 2.2 GHz enables fast data processing and ensures that all business apps run smoothly. It comes with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB Flash. By means of an expansion slot, a MicroSD card can be used to extend memory by up to 512 GB (SDXC).

Upgradeable OS: The Zebra PDT MC3300ax runs Android 11 and is upgradeable through version 14. The MC3300x comes with Android 10 and can at least be upgraded to version 12.

Robust software solutions: By means of tools included in Zebra’s Mobility DNA, Android becomes an enterprise-level operating system in terms of performance and security. If required, Google Mobile Services (GMS) can be restricted.

Mobility DNA: Zebra’s tool kit also provides applications for optimized device performance, management and usability. It is possible to migrate existing TE apps. Mobility DNA ensures optimal WLAN performance with WorryFree WiFi. The MC3300ax is additionally equipped with “Enterprise Browser” which enables the creation of appropriate HTML-based applications for your data collection processes.

Up-to-date communication: The handheld MC3300ax comes with latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) technology offering enhanced network capacity, speed and range. Both computer terminals, the MC3300x and the MC3300ax, are equipped with 2 x 2 MU-MIMO WLAN connectivity. Bluetooth v5.0 (MC3300x) or v5.1 (MC3300ax) allow fast data communication (up to 2 Mbps). Compared to previous Bluetooth versions, they provide an increased radio range and need less energy. The MC3300x and MC3300ax are also equipped with NFC for fast pairing. They are ready for PTT applications.

Powerful battery: The portable data terminals MC3300x and MC3300ax are equipped with an extremely powerful 7000 mAh battery. It lasts for up to three shifts. The battery is user-replaceable and can be changed while the computer is running (hot swap).

Easily rediscovered: A large number of mobile devices are lost in everyday work operations. They are quickly put away somewhere and forgotten – in the long term, the loss adds up considerably. The solution? The new Zebra MC3300ax PDA can be equipped with a battery containing a Bluetooth beacon. By means of a device tracker, misplaced terminals can be easily located, even when the battery is empty.

Exceptional ruggedness: The two smart devices MC3300x and MC3300ax survive drops from a height of up to 1.8 m and up to 3,000 tumbles at 1 m. Display and scan window are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. The handhelds are sealed against the ingress of dust and water complying with protection class IP64.

Options and accessories: A 13-megapixel rear camera is available as option for the straight shooter and turret versions. Accessories are backward compatible.