Zebra MP7000 Barcode Scanner

  • economic: very low Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)
  • resistant: reduced repair- and maintenance necessary
  • fast: specially made for high-performances at POS
  • simpel: easy to use
  • progressive: Digimarc-codes can be read out besides 1D/2D-Codes

Zebra MP7000 Scanner Scale offers superior performance for special needs in food and grocery areas. It is designed for highest-volume point-of-sale lanes. Due to its easy use it ensures a fast handling and at the same time a high level of customer satisfaction. The MP7000 is solid and resistant - this ensures the lowest Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) of the industry.

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ZEBRA MP7000 Grocery Scanner Scale: High-Volume POS Service

The MP7000 enables a faster checkout at POS and self-checkout-systems. Thanks to its easy handling it minimizes throughput times and is therefore ideal for commercial environments in retail areas. It is distinguished by its particular economic efficiency since it increases productivity on the one hand and also keeps the total operating costs low through reduced repair and maintenance requirements. It contributes maximum operating time at the same time as minimum energy consumption (measured by competitors).

The additional remote-software enables easy access for managing the entire solution as well as all attached peripherals. Thanks to the predictive diagnostics problems can be solved before they affect your business.

Due to a more smoother use at the POS and reduced waiting times the customer satisfaction increases.

Besides the simple management of the functionalities the MP7000 is able to read all electronic and printed barcodes. In addition to the usual 1D and 2D codes the is also able to read invisible codes, the so-called Digimarc codes.

The most common commands can be saved as a shortcut, which enables quick access. The optional customer-scanner allows customers to scan their coupons or bonuscards themselves. Thanks to its compact design the MP7000 can easily be integrated into existing cash registers.