Zebra PS30 Mobile Computers

  • effective: integrated barcode reader, contactless payment (PS30 Plus)
  • intuitive: large touchscreen, in-shop navigation, thought-out design
  • attractive: Android Enterprise Recommended (AER), charging infrastructure is backward compatible
  • modern: Wi-Fi 6E, OS upgradeable through Android 17
  • robust: disinfectant-ready housing, high drop resistance, Gorilla Glass

Offer your customers up-to-date shopping convenience. The Zebra PS30 personal shopper offers a new shopping experience. Even in a large store, the desired products can be found quickly and easily. Additional information such as nutrition tips can be retrieved, and current offers displayed. Customers get help from a virtual assistant or a member of staff at the touch of a button. The PS30 Plus enables contactless payment by bank card or smartphone wallet without having to queue at the checkout. The PS30 is also a valuable tool for retailers to present their goods. Information about customers’ preferences and purchase behavior provides insight into how incentives can be set, for example in the form of coupons and tailored recommendations. The Zebra PS30 provides a win-win solution!

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ZEBRA PS30/PS30 PLUS: Personal Shopper for the Retail Sector

Benefits for customers: The two versions of the personal shopper PS30 from Zebra give new impetus to the retail sector. Particularly in stores with large sales areas, such as supermarkets, department stores, or hardware stores, customers benefit from using the smart terminals. For example, it is possible to input a shopping list. The personal shopper will then calculate the optimum route through the store. Prices and product availability can be enquired. Bargain hunters can look forward to individual offers, coupons, and loyalty points. Mobile self-scanning and contactless payment features with the PS30 Plus provide real added value to your customers. No tedious search for the required goods or lengthy queuing at the checkout—instead a completely new shopping experience that fits in with today’s lifestyles.

Easy to use: The smart personal shopper PS30 has an ergonomic handle for comfortable use. It offers a large, clearly legible 4.7-inch touchscreen. Depending on the model, the device can be unlocked by presenting a loyalty card to a kiosk terminal or by using a bank card or a digital wallet. The PS30 is equipped with a powerful barcode scanner. It is not necessary to align the scanner to a barcode, as it automatically captures 1D and 2D barcodes as well as Digimarc codes within the scanning range. Even poor-quality barcodes can be read without a problem. The PS30 has a microphone and loudspeakers. If someone needs support, a virtual assistant or an employee can provide help at the touch of a button.

Advantages for retailers: With the PS30 personal shopper, advertising can be tailored to the customer. Retailers can push recommendations, coupons, and offers in real time based on the customer’s preferences and location in the store. The PS30 also optimizes workflows. For example, the mobile computer can be used for click & collect picking tasks or for shelves replenishing. The personal shopper promotes customer loyalty, increases sales through effective advertising and reduces personnel costs.

Features: Equipped with a modern Qualcomm octa-core processor, 6 GB RAM and 64 GB memory, the PS30 offers exactly the computing power needed to support customers and employees. For example, the PS30 supports demanding inventory management processes in large shopping centers using the Zebra SmartLens software solution. SmartLens is part of the Zebra Mobility DNA software suite. Mobility DNA tools simplify and optimize the provision, operation, and management of Zebra devices. The PS30 is “Android Enterprise Recommended” (AER) certified and the OS is upgradeable through version Android 17. With Wi-Fi 6E you are using multi-gigabit network technology. The PS30 has an integrated smart battery which is continuously monitored. Degraded batteries can be identified and replaced before they affect the performance of the terminals.

The PS30 Plus: The PS30 Plus version offers a few additional features. These include the creation of shopping lists and optimized navigation through the store. Special sensors enable precise localization. Coupons and advertising can thus be displayed according to location. NFC enables contactless payment which saves waiting time at the checkout.

No loss of devices: An EAS label can be attached to the handle of the PS30. If a device passes the exit, a warning signal sounds. The Mobility DNA includes a device tracker. This allows misplaced devices to be found quickly.

Durable mobile computers: Both the PS30 and PS30 Plus models pass through many hands. That is why they are built particularly robust. They have a high drop resistance and are equipped with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. The devices can be cleaned regularly with disinfectants.

You can customize the PS30 and PS30 Plus with your brand.