Zebra TC21/TC26 HC Mobile Computers

  • well-priced: quality materials, special healthcare design, excellent value for money
  • flexible: barcode scanner option, tailored VoIP solutions possible
  • powerful: SD660 octa-core processor, latest Android version 10
  • user-friendly: Mobility DNA software suite, large touch screen
  • durable: robust construction, protection class IP67, Gorilla Glass, disinfectant-proof

In healthcare, good communication between colleagues and also with the patient is essential. In modern healthcare environments, mobile devices enable data and voice communication at any time and at any place. No doubt, today’s technology enhances the quality as well as the efficiency of working processes in the medical field. The mobile terminals TC21-HC and TC26-HC by Zebra were particularly developed for the medical sector. The robust devices are equipped with an octa-core CPU. They provide Wi-Fi (TC21-HC) or Wi-Fi, LTE and GPS (TC26-HC) to allow quick access to required data and enable reliable voice communication. The PDAs include a large software package to improve performance and versatility. Of course, the Zebra TC21-HC and TC26-HC can be cleaned with disinfectants.

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ZEBRA TC21-HC/TC26-HC: Compact Mobile Computers for Healthcare Applications

With the two mobile computer models TC21-HC and TC26-HC, Zebra facilitates mobile data use and supports good communication among personnel in medical environments. The devices provide excellent value for money and can be easily integrated. The TC21-HC and TC26-HC represent a feasible solution for all areas and levels of healthcare, for frontline staff as well as for personnel and operations that are closely linked to the various processes in the medical sector. Because of their small form factor, the two mobile computers can be comfortably taken along.

A 5-inch HD display provides a large user interface. The touch screen of the TC21-HC and TC26-HC can be operated with gloves. Brightness automatically adjusts to ambient light so that the screen is perfectly readable under any lighting conditions. A programmable function key can be assigned as an alarm button to call for help as quickly as possible in an emergency.

The healthcare terminals TC21-HC and TC26-HC by Zebra are equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core CPU and run the latest Android version, Android 10. To ensure a long service life, they also support Android 11. Memory capacity is 3 GB RAM and 32 GB Flash and can be extended by up to 128 GB with a MicroSD card.

Zebra’s Mobility DNA software suite offers a wide range of useful tools for an enhanced use of the TC21-HC and TC26-HC mobile terminals. For example, the Mobility DNA includes applications that optimize the Android operating system. Most users are familiar with Android; however, Mobility DNA tools turn it into an enterprise-class operating system regarding performance and security. The Mobility DNA also comprises software for the configuration and management of devices, device diagnosis, improved network connectivity etc. The Mobility DNA software package can also be extended to suit individual business requirements.

The handheld computers Zebra TC21-HC and TC26-HC support voice-over-IP solutions to ensure excellent communications capabilities and keep medical personnel connected. The required licenses can be based on the actual needs of the user. Available are Workforce Connect PTT Express, PTT Pro and Workforce Connect Voice. Different VoIP options enable the use of the mobile computers TC21-HC and TC26-HC as walkie-talkies, they provide secure instant messaging services and allow group conferences on a small or large scale. With Workforce Connect Voice it is even possible to incorporate the TC21-HC and TC26-HC into the PBX system and thus make all functions of a desktop phone available on the portable devices.

The handheld TC21-HC comes with WLAN connectivity, including fast roaming. The TC26-HC additionally provides LTE and GPS. Both versions can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices. The exchangeable batteries offer runtimes of up to 10 hours per charge.

In many healthcare areas, barcodes become more and more important, for example, to ensure correct patient identification or the assignment of medication and specimen. The handheld terminals TC21-HC and TC26-HC by Zebra can therefore be equipped with a high-performance barcode reader. The Zebra imager SE4100 provides an LED aimer and captures 1D and 2D barcodes fast and reliably, even if the codes are poorly printed, stained or damaged. For occasional barcode scanning, it is also possible to use the integrated cameras. The terminals come with a 13-megapixel rear and a 5-megapixel front camera.

To ensure a long service life, the two Zebra mobile computers TC21-HC and TC26-HC are particularly robust. Professionals in the healthcare sector require durable devices, as they are often on the move, need to react quickly and usually deal with several things at once. The terminals can, therefore, cope with a drop or some rough handling. The TC21-HC and TC26-HC are resistant against drops from a height of 1.2 m. They are sealed against dust and water according to protection class IP67. The display’s scratch-resistance is due to hard-wearing Gorilla Glass. The handheld computers endure temperatures from -10 °C to +50 °C. Particularly important for all healthcare areas is that the devices can be disinfected even with harsh chemicals to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

The handy mobile computers TC21-HC and TC26-HC by Zebra equip staff members of all different medical occupations and in healthcare environments with optimal tools for good communication and interaction of personnel. They ensure improved working procedures and patient care.