Zebra RFD90 UHF RFID Reader

  • rapid: more than 1300 reads per second
  • simple: uncomplicated configuration and use
  • remarkable: up to 23m range (RFD9090)
  • excellent: Wi-Fi 6, NFC and Bluetooth
  • extensive: both models with integrated barcode scanner

Digital data collection helps increase the efficiency of work processes and minimize errors. By collecting RFID data, the pace can be increased even further. Zebra's RFID90 mounts help you noticeably accelerate data collection. Both models achieve a particularly high reading rate. The powerful RFID readers from Zebra are made for practice. They can be combined with Zebra mobile computers.

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ZEBRA RFD90: RFID holders for ultra-fast data collection

Ease of use: Thanks to the eConnex connection, the RFD90 series RFID readers can be quickly and easily connected to the Zebra TC70/TC72 and TC75/TC77 mobile computers and the TC52ax, which also have the eConnex connection. Other models can also be connected to the RFD90 using various adapters. The models are also compatible with OtterBox uniVERSE adapters. This makes it possible to connect Android and iOS devices to the RFID readers via Bluetooth. The ergonomic holders also ensure a comfortable feeling even during prolonged use.

Industry-leading performance: With a read rate of 1,300 tags per second, the two products in the RFD90 series enable fast inventory counts and increase workflow accuracy. The RFD9030 offers a standard reading range of 6.7 meters, while the RFD9090 offers an extended range of 22.9 meters. The ultra-precise item finder mode helps employees to find items quickly and easily.

Applications: Zebra’s rugged RFD90 are built to withstand everyday use in a variety of harsh conditions. They are suitable for applications such as retail, warehousing, hospitality and event management, and healthcare.

Connection to a host computer: The RFD90 RFID holders are connected to a Windows computer using Bluetooth or USB-C cable. With the “123RFID Desktop” application, the devices can be easily set up and optimized. Special RFD-90 software development kits (SDKs) are available for configuration. They eliminate the need for tedious rewriting of customization programs and are based on Zebra’s current RFID handheld SDKs.

Power supply: The RFID readers of the RFD90 series are equipped with a powerful 7,000 mAh battery. It can be exchanged quickly and easily without having to remove the mobile computer.

Durability: The virtually indestructible RFD90 RFID readers are built for harsh conditions with double IP65/IP67 industrial grade sealing. They also withstand a fall from a height of 1.8 meters onto concrete without any problems. To adapt to even more challenging environments, the RFD90 RFID readers have an extended operating temperature range of -20°C to 55°C. So you can be sure that they will meet the needs of your workplace.