Zebra VH10 Vehicle Mounted Computers

  • compact: several mounting options
  • rugged: particularly robust for outdoor and deep-freeze areas (VH10F), IP66
  • sophisticated: modular design, on-site exchange of keyboard and touchscreen

If you need a mobile computer for processing your material and goods, the Zebra VH10 is the right choice. Robustly built to withstand harsh environments, the VH10 with its 8" display and practical keyboard is just right for large areas such as ports, airports, outdoor storage areas, etc. With Wi-Fi and additional narrowband connectivity, the entire bandwidth of communication can be used, from complex software applications and high data rates to simple data transfers in large outdoor areas.

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ZEBRA VH10/VH10F: Extremely Reliable

Zebra’s VH10 vehicle terminal is the ideal solution for outdoor data communications. Thanks to the 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless connection and the narrow band antenna, reliable data transmission is no problem regardless of the environment. In addition, Bluetooth 2.0 is available. The mobile terminal is equipped with the Windows CE 6.0 operating system.

The VH10 computer has been designed to withstand harsh environments, making it very sturdy. It has protection class  IP66, so it is protected against dust and the ingress of water. The model Zebra VH10F is designed specifically for extreme temperatures in freezing areas. Temperature sensors automatically adjust the power of the heating components, ensuring smooth operation even at temperatures below zero. Zebra’s VH10 mobile computers also features a modular design that allows the on-site replacement of touchscreen and keyboard.

In combination with other Zebra devices, the range of uses of the VH10 vehicle terminals can be extended even further. Numerous scanners of different types offer the possibility to make data acquisition more efficient. There is an integrated microphone, a push-to-talk function can also be used for voice communication.

Without a doubt, the VH10 series computers are a significant factor in increasing efficiency even under extremely difficult conditions. Take advantage of the high reliability of the Zebra VH10 vehicle terminals.