Zebra Workforce Connect Software

  • effective: unified voice, data and text communication across the enterprise, use mobile device as PBX phone
  • easy: uncomplicated integration and use
  • safe: encrypted text messaging
  • flexible: scalable and customizable, compatible with Zebra devices, Android consumer devices, Apple iOS devices and Windows PCs

Optimize communication across your enterprise with the multi-facetted Workforce Connect solutions. Workforce Connect is an efficient way to use existing mobile devices and PBX structures for quick and easy voice and data communication as well as text messaging. The business communication solutions Workforce Connect PTT Pro and Workforce Connect Voice as well as the basic version PTT Express are simple to use, they are scalable and customizable – just what you would expect from multi-dimensional enterprise applications.

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Zebra WORKFORCE CONNECT EXPRESS/PTT PRO/VOICE/: Streamlined Business Communication

Connect your staff anywhere in the world with Workforce Connect communication tools. Optimized communication enhances workflows and enables a quick response to suddenly occurring events. Workforce Connect enables your employees to act together as a team regardless of the location. Workforce Connect services are available for Zebra mobile business computers. They are compatible with the Android, iOS and Windows platforms and can, therefore, be used with a large number of different devices. Existing devices can be equipped with Workforce Connect tools to provide voice communication capabilities, such as one-to-one or group calls. Because of in-transit encryption, even sensitive data can be safely transmitted via text message. It is also possible to send images as well as audio or video files.

Workforce Connect Communication Tools:

PTT Express: After obtaining a license and installing the client on mobile devices, the basic version PTT Express provides voice communication at the push of a button. No cost- and time-intensive integration into the company’s system is required. With PTT Express, mobile devices can be used as walkie-talkies via WiFi connection. Use PTT Express for one-to-one or group communication. It is possible to configure up to 32 groups.

PTT Pro: Use mobile devices as walkie-talkie with the Workforce Connect push-to-talk function. As it connects over WiFi or cellular networks, it can be conveniently used from any location. One-to-one calls or group calls are possible. Reach predefined groups or create a group on the go. Send secure text messages including audios, videos and images.

Voice: Integrate Workforce Connect Voice into your business telephone system and convert mobile devices into mobile “desk telephones” with the whole spectrum of PBX and mobile device functionality. It enables, for example, call park and transfer. It is possible to manage up to six extensions on one screen. A direct access to business applications during a phone call is also of high value. One-to-one or group calls can be initiated and joined. Workforce Connect Voice is compatible with all major PBX systems, e.g. Cisco, Avaya or Mitel.

PTT Express: If only a basic push-to-talk function is required or if you wish to test the practical utilization of the Workforce Connect services, this “light” version is the right choice.

The Workforce Connect approach is highly scalable. Apply Workforce Connect communication tools on any number of devices and extend as required. Workforce Connect PTT Pro and Voice are configured and managed by means of the cloud-based Profile Manager. The Profile Manager, in turn, interacts with the profile client on the enterprises’ mobile computers. This simplifies and accelerates deployment and management of the Workforce Connect communication services. Parameters can be defined for individual users or for groups and are applied at the log-in of this person or group. This approach facilitates the shared use of devices rather than acquiring separate units for each employee, which reduces costs considerably.

The Workforce Connect business communication solutions provide a dynamic and cost-efficient way to keep the team connected. Workforce Connect PTT Pro and Voice are extremely flexible and are suitable for any kind of industry or business environment. Apply the communication services of Workforce Connect across your enterprise in order to enhance communication and cooperation.