Zebra Workcloud Communication Software

  • customizable: five service packages to choose from
  • effective: unified voice, data and text communication across the enterprise, use mobile device as PBX phone
  • easy: uncomplicated integration and use
  • flexible: scalable, compatible with Zebra devices, Android consumer devices, Apple iOS devices and Windows PCs

Optimize communication across your enterprise with the versatile Workcloud Communication solutions. Workcloud Communication is an efficient way to use mobile devices and PBX structures for convenient voice communication and text as well as multimedia messaging (service options depend on package). The Workcloud Communication business solutions provide enterprise-level security. They are scalable, simple to use, and can be tailored to individual business needs.

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ZEBRA WORKCLOUD COMMUNICATION: Communication Solutions for Businesses

Connect your staff anywhere in the world with Workcloud Communication. Optimized communication enhances workflows and enables a quick response to suddenly occurring events. Workcloud Communication enables your employees to act as a team regardless of the location. Workcloud Communication services are available for Zebra mobile business computers, and some are also suitable for BYOD solutions. They are compatible with the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Workcloud Communication tools to provide voice communication capabilities, such as one-to-one or group calls. It is also possible to send images as well as audio or video files (PTT Premium/PTT Pro).

The functional scope of the platform can be expanded by integrating third-party solutions, for example, additional security, productivity and IoT solutions.

The Workcloud Communication Service Packages:

PTT Express: Basic push-to-talk voice communication for Android devices at an affordable price

PTT Premium: PTT and multimedia messaging via cellular network or Wi-Fi; GPS; suitable for Android, iOS and Windows devices; enables shared use of devices (individual configuration, secure access)

PTT Pro: PTT and multimedia messaging via cellular network or Wi-Fi; GPS; suitable for Android, iOS and Windows devices; suitable for BYOD solutions; emergency alert priorization; hands-free communication; Identity Provider (IDP) Add-on enables access to resources for an entire team

Enterprise Voice: Convert mobile devices into mobile “desk telephones” with the whole spectrum of PBX and mobile device functionality; simple call management; customizable

All-in-One Solution: Use all functions and features of PTT Premium and Enterprise Voice

The Workcloud Communication business solutions provide a dynamic and cost-efficient way to keep your workforce connected. They are extremely flexible and suitable for any kind of industry or business environment. Apply the communication services of Workcloud Communication across your enterprise in order to enhance communication and cooperation.