Zebra ZC300 Series Card Printers

  • uncomplicated: simple set-up and operation, intuitive user-interface, automatic adjustment to card thickness
  • safe: advanced security features
  • comfortable: clever input and output hopper design for easy loading and unloading
  • fast: high-speed printing (ZC300: max. 900 cards/hour; ZC350: max. 1000 cards/hour)
  • versatile: single-sided or dual-sided, color or monochrome, with magnetic stripe or with contactless encryption

The new Zebra ZC300 series’ card printers combine most advanced card printing technology with simple usability. These smart printers come with a small footprint and low profile to fit into any kind of environment. Create high-quality cards with single- or dual-sided edge-to-edge print and integrate various encoding options. The ZC350 version even enables the use of specialty colors, enhancing security with special effects and allowing ultimate creativity. The Zebra ZC300 series’ high-performance printers are the ideal card printing solution for ID cards, access control cards, loyalty and membership cards, travel cards, visitor cards, credit or debit cards etc.

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Zebra ZC300 Series: No Limits to Card Printing

The simplest solution for premium card printing – the Zebra ZC300 series’ card printers are exceptionally easy to use. A graphical LCD user-interface with icons and animations leads the way to superb results There is no need to waste time and material on test printing. A visual display of the card layout on the screen lets the operator view the effects of modifications right away. The ZC300 series’ printers are equipped with LED lights to show the printer status and a Print Touch NFC tag allows quick troubleshooting and documentation access. Zebra’s Print DNA suite simplifies integration, handling and management of the printers, enhancing operational productivity. Ribbon change is perfectly easy, due to the unique cartridge design. Simply open the lid, remove the old cartridge and insert the new one.

With the ZC300 series’ printers by Zebra it is possible to print single-sided or dual-sided. A card flipper for dual-sided printing can be installed on-site as an upgrade option, if required. Color as well as black and white printouts excel with a high print resolution of 300 dpi. Add a magnetic stripe during the printing process or integrate contactless codes by means of advanced Software Development Kits (SDKs), allowing the use of third party contactless encoders.

The card printers of the Zebra ZC300 series are equipped with input and output hoppers. The swing door design enables easy loading and unloading of a whole stack of cards. Both hoppers have a capacity of 100 cards. There is also a manual card feed with illuminated bezel for intuitive card feeding. The printers adjust to card thickness automatically.

Sophisticated security features, such as printer-to-host authentication and government-level encryption, prevent unauthorized access or data misuse. The Zebra ZC300 series’ card printers are equipped with USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100 as a standard. They are also available with WiFi 802.11 ac with MFi as an option to integrate the printers into a wireless network.

A fashionable design and slimline form factor make the ZC300 series’ printers suitable for any sort of environment – healthcare or financial services, hospitality, sports or educational facilities or government offices etc. Due to the small footprint, the devices perfectly fit into confined spaces. To make sure no unauthorized person gains access to card stock or rejected cards and to prevent theft, the printers can be equipped with a cover lock and a Kensington lock slot.

The Zebra ZC300 series includes the ZC350 card printer which offers state-of-the-art card printing. With the ZC350 model, special effects can be integrated to enhance security. For example, with a pearlescent finish, color changing graphics can be created. Watermark graphics can only be seen when the card is tilted or under UV light. Further, 3D-style effects are possible by using metallic color ribbons. The ZC350 supports virtually any encryption technology.

If you are looking for a leading-edge card printing solution, the Zebra ZC300 series can truly be recommended. It provides outstanding printing performance and high-class security options. It excels with high print speeds and easy usability.