Zebra ZQ210 Label Printers

  • reliable: high-quality printhead, durable design
  • versatile: for different media types and widths, Bluetooth connectivity
  • user-friendly: integrated display, one-hand operation, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows

The new Zebra ZQ210 is a lightweight mobile printer that is comfortable to wear on a belt or on a shoulder strap. It enables on-site printing of receipts or labels and can be used as mobile POS in retail, for delivery tasks or passenger ticketing etc. Different sorts of media can be used and the device can be operated with only one hand. This provides optimal convenience for workers and high application flexibility. The ZQ210 by Zebra is an attractive and favorably-priced mobile printer which is suitable to realize a unified solution throughout an entire company.

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ZEBRA ZQ210: Good-Value Mobile Printer

Many enterprises require a dependable mobile printing solution to ensure efficient workflows. The ZQ210 label and receipt printer provides a sturdy and economical option. Because of its slim design and light weight (235g without battery/265 g with battery), the ZQ210 can be comfortably worn during a whole shift. It is equipped with a black and white OLED display to provide at-a-glance information on media status, print darkness and Bluetooth connectivity status. The device was created for uncomplicated mobile use. Only one hand is required to execute print jobs or to load media. Integrated NFC enables quick tap-to-pair connection with Android host devices. The Zebra ZQ210 label printer is also compatible with iOS (MFi certified) and Windows devices.

For high versatility, the mobile receipt and label printer ZQ210 by Zebra can handle various media types, such as receipt paper, label rolls and even linerless print material in different formats. Linerless label rolls contain more labels per roll so that they last longer and they produce less waste. Standard media width is 58 mm, however, with media spacers it is possible to use 50.8 mm, 40 mm and 30 mm media as well. For a maximum print width of 72 mm and a maximum media width of 80 mm, please refer to the model Zebra ZQ220. The compact mobile printer ZQ210 offers a print resolution of 203 dpi and a maximum print speed of 2.5 ips or 60 mm per second. When using linerless material, print speed is reduced to 2 ips or 50 mm per second.

The Zebra ZQ210 portable label and receipt printer comes with dual Bluetooth mode: Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. Programming languages are CPCL and ESC-POS. The compact printer is equipped with a USB 2.0 Type C connector to enable convenient mobile charging, for example, in vehicles. To make sure that the device is always ready for use, the battery is removable and can be replaced by a spare battery.

Its durable design ensures that the mobile printer Zebra ZQ210 can be used under any kind of environmental condition, indoors or outdoors. The device can cope with temperatures from -10 °C to +50 °C. It is resistant against the ingress of dust and water according to protection class IP43. With the optional protective case, it complies with protection class IP54. Because of its robust construction, the Zebra ZQ210 receipt printer survives drops from a height of 1.5 m to concrete.

The receipt and label printer ZQ210 by Zebra offers a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use mobile printing solution.