Zebra ZQ630 RFID Label Printers

  • long-lasting: powerful 6800 mAh battery
  • economical: accessories backward compatible with QLn series
  • versatile: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID reader/encoder
  • handy: small, lightweight mobile printer

The mobile printer ZQ630 Plus RFID enables the printing and encoding of RFID tags. It is equipped with a powerful battery that lasts for a whole shift. Several software tools facilitate integration, management, and maintenance.

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Zebra ZQ630 RFID Plus : Mobile Printer with RFID

The ZQ630 Plus RFID by Zebra is a handy portable printer with RFID capabilities which can conveniently be taken along on a shoulder strap or belt clip. It is uncomplicated to put the RFID printer into operation. Automatic RFID calibration ensures simple setup. For intuitive use, the Zebra ZQ630 Plus RFID has a clear user interface with a color display and five navigation buttons.

The print resolution is 203 dpi at a maximum print speed of 115 mm per second. The maximum print width is 104 mm.

The 4-inch printer ZQ630 Plus RFID is made for mobile use. It offers Wi-Fi with fast roaming and Bluetooth for reliable wireless connectivity. The removable 6800 mAh battery has the highest capacity in its class and lasts an entire shift effortlessly. The ZQ630 Plus RFID is made of sturdy materials. It is resistant against drops from a height of 1.83 m and sealed against the ingress of dust and water in accordance with protection class IP54. Because of its clamshell design, media change is perfectly simple.

The ZQ630 Plus RFID mobile printer by Zebra is uncomplicated to integrate and manage due to the Link-OS multiplatform SDK and the Print DNA software tools. Remote tools simplify maintenance from anywhere at any time. The printer is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS operating systems and uses CPCL, EPL and ZPL printer languages. It is possible to integrate the printer with AirWatch, SOTI and Ivanti MDM systems.

The accessories are backward compatible, so you can easily upgrade your printer without the need of buying new equipment. Wherever RFID capabilities are needed, the ZQ630 Plus RFID provides a smart solution, for example for retail, manufacturing, transport and logistics or the healthcare sector.